Face unlock was a part of Android for a long time, almost all the smartphone above Android 4.4+ had this feature. But the problem was it could be easily breached by an ordinary 2D image of a person, as a result it was the least used feature. But now with the launch of iPhone X and Samsung’s recent release, its making a return to handful of devices. iPhone X renders a 3D image of your face, while the newly launched OnePlus 5T still uses 2D image. 

The recognition algorithm used in OnePlus 5T is far better then previous face unlock feature. The company says it uses over 100 unique identifiers to correctly identify who is looking at it. Since OnePlus 5T doesn’t use any special sensors, it’s obvious that this method is not as safe as iPhone X’s Face ID. But still it manages to unlock the device without any stutter every time.

Do you know it’s possible to induce Face unlock feature even on your Android device?To do so, your device should be running Android 7.0+. Just follow this simple guide

How to enable Face Unlock in any Android Device?

  • Download AutoInput from Play Store
  • Enable accessibility service for that app from Settings
  • Go to Settings->Security->Smart Lock->Trusted Face and set it up
  • Now go to AutoInput and under standalone features enable Auto Dismiss Keyguard.
  • Done! You just set face unlock for your device(Check screenshots)

We have to enable accessibility service for this app in-order to dismiss keyguard.  Face unlock works even without this app, but you’ll have to swipe the screen every time to dismiss the keyguard.

This method is not as secure as OnePlus 5T’s face unlock, but still face unlocking is more convenient than Fingerprint or PIN or Pattern. Let us know if you found this useful.

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