The Ministry of Defence in India has issued a new order to the Indian armed forces asking officers and all security personnel to remove, uninstall over 42 Chinese apps as these have been classified as ‘spyware’. These even include Sweden based Truecaller App and Xiaomi’s various apps. Truecaller has issued a statement saying the app is not a malware and will investigate why it has been added to the list.

Xiaomi also issued a similar statement saying “We take security and privacy very seriously. Our global e-commerce platforms and user data for all international users is located on Amazon AWS data centers in California and Singapore. We are currently investigating the advisory and would like to assure Mi Fans that we are fully committed to storing and transferring our users’ data securely at all times.”

But what about other apps like UC Browser, ShareIt, DU Recorder, Parallel Space and others? Are they safe? We aren’t sure about this, but couple of weeks ago UC Browser was taken off from Playstore for allegedly stealing user data. There’s one thing which always hits our minds, Chinese apps often serve tonnes of Ads compared to non-Chinese apps.

Its high time we stop installing Chinese Apps, mainly because of Ads. But do you know what are the best non-Chinese alternative? Lets find out, we’ll be discussing this section in 3 parts over next couple of posts.

Files Go Beta

ShareIt is the most common app we use to share medias. Almost everyone in India accepts ShareIt as a universal method of transmission. Files Go Beta can be your best alternative as it works very much like ShareIt. The app is developed by Google, which means you won’t be served Ads. Moreover this app also has in-built cache cleaner, duplicate photo detector etc. So this also serves as a replacement for other speed booster apps like Clean Master.

App name: Files Go Beta

Alternative for: ShareIt, Clean Master- Cheetah Mobile, CacheClear DU apps studio,DU Cleaner


Firefox Focus, Google Chrome

The primary reason why UC Browser is very popular is because they are pre-installed on almost all Indian smartphones. But download-wise UC is far less compared to Google Chrome and Firefox Focus. We highly recommend you to use Google Chrome, it has improved a lot now with new features like Data saver, multiple tabs etc. If your focus is more on privacy then try Firefox Focus, this browser is more optimized than standard Firefox browser. UC browser serves a lot of Ads to users, and this often consumes data. So in way UC browser is burning your saved data on Ads.

App name: Firefox Focus, Google Chrome

Alternative for: UC Browser, DU Browser, CM browser


App Cloner

Who doesn’t love to use multiple accounts of same app on same smartphone? Then probably you’ll be using Parallel Space to do so. The advantage is, it allows you to run a same app with different accounts on the same phone simultaneously. An alternative for Parallel Space is App Cloner, this app has all functionality of Parallel Space. Also, it doesn’t serves any Ad and is developed by Switzerland based company.

App name: App Cloner

Alternative for: Parallel Space



Greenify is the king when it comes to battery saving capabilities. It doesn’t create a buzz about your battery life like other apps do. Greenify works efficiently on rooted smartphones, but it also does a fair job even on non-rooted devices. Never install other battery saver apps as they consume more battery to protect itself from being terminated. We assure you that you’ll fall in love with this app.

App name: Greenify

Alternative for: All battery saver apps on Play Store



Remember friends! Android phones never get infected with virus because its based on Linux. Play Store is a paradise for Antivirus apps that claim to protect your device from virus. However, Android smartphone do get infected by Malwares, Ramsonwares, adware etc. What you need is Malwarebytes app, that focuses more on detecting Malwares and other serious threats which can infect your device. We are saying it again! Android devices are unaffected by virus.

App name: Malwarebytes for Android

Alternative for: All stupid Antivirus apps


Hope you found this useful. Let us know in the comments if you use any other Chinese apps and you want us to suggest alternatives.


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