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As you know Coolpad Note 3 and Coolpad Note 3 lite are very similar to each other, it often takes some time for porting ROMs. This is when porting script comes handy. By using this script you can flash Coolpad Note 3 custom ROM in Coolpad Note 3 Lite. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Firstly we would like to credit Uday Hegde for making this script. There are many advantages of using porting script for Coolpad Note 3/Lite.

  • Saves a lot of time in porting the ROM
  • Saving of data
  • Developers and porters get more time to concentrate on other projects.

What does the porting script do?

It ports the ROM of Coolpad Note 3 to Coolpad Note 3 Lite and vice versa in few seconds. This works only for custom ROMs based on kernel 3.18.xx


How to use the porting script?

  • Boot to TWRP recovery
  • Flash the ROM of other device, i.e if you are using Coolpad Note 3 Lite then you have to flash Coolpad Note 3 ROM on your device and vice versa.
  • Flash the porting script zip
  • Now Aroma Installer will begin, just select your device and the kernel which you want (like ZeroAddition)
  • Reboot to system

Some Important Notes

  • Never reboot the device before flashing the porting script. If you do, then your device will get soft-bricked and you will be needing SP flash tool to unbrick it.
  • Don’t use this script for Lollipop based ROM.



Team Zero and Uday Hegde

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