The rapid evolution of technology in 21st century has completely changed the way we do our task. One common example is replacement of traditional pen and paper with electronic devices. We know gadgets are meant to make our life simpler, but at the same time we should also realize the consequences.




According to various research studies it has been found that students who use laptops or tablets to study or jot down notes tend to get lower grades. This may sound really hilarious but it’s the reality. A research was conducted by a well know Institute, it show’s how our aptitude has got deteriorated over the years.

The researchers at Princeton University and the University of California asked a group of students to take notes. There were two groups of students. The first group jotted down the notes using pen and paper, while the second group used laptop. The research revealed that students who used laptop had lesser sense of understanding compared to students who used pen and paper. The researchers hypothesized that this was because students who wrote notes by hand had to process what the lecturer was saying and, in effect, summarize what was being said to keep up with the lecture. It also pointed that laptop note takers were less likely to process information into their own words, thus preventing them from truly understanding what was being taught.

Why do students prefer laptop/tablets?

Well, there’s even more to add if you still aren’t convinced by this research. How often have you felt lazy to write notes while studying? We write down notes so we can understand better, but with Google on our laptops and tablets we can always search the concepts. Use of Google every time often limits our ability to think because we use it every now and then to solve our difficulties.

To conclude, as softwares continue to replace pen and paper to make our tasks faster and easier, we should also use traditional methods. Writing not only improves your understanding skill, it also enhances your handwriting, memory skills, aptitude and creativity.

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