coolpad note 5 custom rom

Bright days have finally started arriving for Coolpad Note 5. The most powerful phone from Coolpad was neglected, especially in custom ROM development for more than a year. Though there were some official upgrades for Coolpad Note 5 but it lacked custom ROMs. Keeping criticism aside, here’s some really good new for Note 5 users. Team PC has released MIUI ROM for Coolpad Note 5, the first custom ROM ever for this device.

The ROM is MIUI 8 and currently its in Developer preview. But Team PC are so loyal that they are allowing even normal users to access this ROM. One main reason can be if there are many users then reporting of bugs become even faster. The developers will then just need to fix the bugs, instead of developers hunting for bugs.

Since the ROM is still under developer preview, it will definitely have a lot of bugs. In case you find any bugs, just report in the official WhatsApp group of Team PC.


Custom ROM for Coolpad Note 5


  1. Your phone must have TWRP recovery(Kuber Sharma’s) installed.
  2. Take a complete Nandroid backup before flashing MIUI ROM


Flashing Instructions

  1. Boot into recovery mode
  2. Wipe all partitions except SD card
  3. Locate MIUI file and flash it


Some Notes

  1. It will take at least 20 minutes for the ROM to boot for the first time
  2. The ROM is pre-rooted with SuperSu


What’s not working

  • Ril
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-fi
  • Camera
  • Fingerprint
  • Sound
  • You tell

Flashing procedure:




Team PC
Kuber Sharma (Recovery)


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