We all want to keep our personal data safe from prying eyes and App Locks are probably the best way to do it. There are tonnes of App lock available on Google Play Store like CM App Lock, KeepSafe, AppLock etc. Each user has their own favorite app lock which they think it can keep the data safe. Here are 5 mistakes every users do while setting up app locks. By ignoring these options you are welcoming unwanted visitors and also affecting the device in some or the other way.

1.Locking of Settings

Almost 90% of Android users never lock Settings app on their phone. By allowing access to Settings, anyone can bypass app lock just by Uninstalling or Clearing Data. So if you are using app lock, go now and lock Settings.

2.Locking of Email Apps

During app lock setup, it might have prompted you to enter Email address for recovering lost password. Great!! But whats the point if you don’t lock email apps like Gmail or others? Anyone can simply tap “Forgot password” on app lock screen and the recovery link will be emailed to your device. That’s all, the intruder will simply reset password of his choice. Viola! the intruders just accessed all your personal data.

locking of email


3.Battery Saver

Battery saver feature are totally useless unless you have root access on your phone. Most app locks have battery saving feature which claims to save battery. Trust us, its just a lure set for people who are conscious about battery life and most of them fall for it. Never allow app locks to do this task for you, if you do then disable this crappy feature right now. However if you still want to save battery on non-rooted phone then try Greenify.

battery saver


4. Device Administrator

Every Android device has this feature, By enabling this capability you are providing the app lock with administrator privileges on your device. This in turn will allow the app lock to remotely lock,wipe¬†your device to protect you in the event that your device goes seriously missing. You can find this option under Settings>Security>Device Administration. It’s highly recommended that you enable this feature for your app lock.

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Free apps tend to serve Ads which are a source of revenue for Developers. But the question remains, if Ads are allowed to be displayed in the app lock then is our data really safe? We suggest you to opt for premium versions of app lock. They do not serve Ads plus you get extra features. There’s nothing wrong in spending a few bucks to keep your data safe, after all you did spend a lot of money to buy a smartphone.ads


Hope we tried to patch some of the common mistakes ever app lock users do. Which app lock do you use? Let us know in the comments.


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