WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app has received a lot of updates in 2017. Some new features were WhatsApp status, Text status, Filters, sending images from WhatsApp itself, Delete for everyone etc. Though WhatsApp has changed but still there are millions of people who haven’t changed the way of using WhatsApp. Consider you want to send a picture of food to your friend, how many times have you actually used in-built WhatsApp camera? Though youngsters might be knowing this but people who’re really busy might use system camera, going to gallery, selecting it and then sharing on WhatsApp. The process is quiet lengthy and wastes our precious time.

Today we’ll be sharing 5 amazing ways you can simplify the way you use WhatsApp. This post is for everyone, including teens and even grandparents who love to use WhatsApp.

1.WhatsApp Chat Pinning

There are always 2-3 friends or family members or groups in which we chat very often. Then there are groups which have a lot of GM and GN messages, some even post Maaza getting contaminated with blood in Hyderabad. These messages really annoy us and often cause important groups and chats to move down, but WhatsApp has a feature which enables the users to pin important groups and chats so they always remain on top. So no matter the amount of spam you get, chats which matter you the most will remain pinned on top. You can pin up-to 3 chats

  • Long tap any chat
  • Tap the pin button
  • You can do the same to unpin the chat


2.WhatsApp Live Location

As the name suggests WhatsApp allows you to share your live location in a conversation. This comes handy when you are going to your friends house for the first time but don’t know the route. Even if your friend tells the exact route by texting, its really hard to navigate in real life. The situation can be worse if you are very bad at identifying roads. To share live location:

  • Tap the attach icon at the bottom
  • Tap location, then live location
  • Choose from one of the preset options – 15 minutes, 1 hour (default), and 8 hours – and, optionally, add a comment.


3.WhatsApp Reply from Notification

This is probably the most underused feature of WhatsApp, and users having Smartphone that runs Android Nougat and later can take full benefit of this really cool feature. Staring from Android Nougat, Google added the reply from notification feature. This means you can reply to a chat from the notification bar itself without leaving the current screen. WhatsApp also supports this feature, if there are multiple notifications in the panel you can just expand them and tap on “reply” of a particular chat.

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4.Send Images on WhatsApp without going to Gallery

Gone are those conventional method where we had to go in Gallery, select the Image and then tap send. WhatsApp now allows you to send images without going to gallery, we found this method very convenient and faster. We bet that after trying this method you will thank us.

  • Tap the Camera icon
  • Now swipe up
  • Select image(s) to send
  • Tap send


5.WhatsApp Search

Last but not the least, everyone might be using this very often to search messages. But there’s a even better and faster method to do. The traditional method is to search the message within the chat itself. Consider you want to search some conversation from a chat but cannot recall the chat which has that message. Going through each chat and searching every now and then is total waste of time. Instead WhatsApp has made this task even easier.

  • Tap the search icon
  • Enter keyword(s) to search
  • WhatsApp will now show the list of conversation matching your keyword from various chats.

Remember, WhatsApp will only show recent 100 conversations matching your keyword. Any older messages then you have to use the traditional approach.

Hope you found this useful and will apply this simple but cool new methods to simplify WhatsApp usage. Let us know in the comment some features which you want to see in upcoming WhatsApp updates.


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