WhatsApp recently rolled out “Delete For Everyone” feature that allowed to recall messages within 7 minute deadline. Last week we told you a really cool trick to recall WhatsApp messages even as old as a month. This week we’ll do the exact opposite.

According to a Spanish Android Blog Android Jefe has mentioned that deleted WhatsApp messages are still present in the notification log of the device. So even if the sender revokes a particular message, you can still access it from the log file.

The log file can be accessed via a third-party app named Notification History (available on Google Play). After installing the app users can search the message in the Android Notification Log. If you are using third-party launchers like Nova Launcher then it’s even easier to access. Long press the home button ,tap Widgets>Activities>Settings>Notification Log.Viola!! you just accessed the deleted message. In case you have stock Android, the log can be accessed from Setting widget as well.

However there are some limitations

  • The notification log only saves the message on the device until it’s restarted.
  • The feature is available only for Android 7.0 and above.
  • You can retrieve only text messages and not medias.
  • Being a log file, At most 100 characters can be stored. So if the message has more than 100 characters then you won’t be able to read the full message.

The Delete for everyone feature comes to the rescue when you accidentally send messages to the wrong chat. What do you think about this feature? Are there many loopholes that may hesitate users from using this revoke feature?


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