We all like to root our Android smartphone so we can modify it the way we want. Some modifications include installing Titanium Backup, Xposed and flashing various custom ROMs. Once we root the device, we need a SuperUser that manages root permissions. You might be familiar with SuperSU, a screen popups which prompts you to either allow or deny the app for root access.

There are some apps like Google Tez, Snapchat and some internet banking apps that doesn’t work on rooted device. If you ever tried installing these then a warning message might have flashed. So what you should do? You will either have have to compromise on these apps or root access. What if you could install Snapchat and still have root access? You read it right, earlier SuperSU was used to manage root permissions. But now with Magisk its possible to install Tez and Snapchat even on rooted android device.


  • Your device must be free from root. In case its already rooted, do a full unroot from SuperSU app. Different smartphones have different methods to root, but unrooting can be done from SuperSU app itself. If it doesn’t work, just flash stock boot.img of stock ROM.
  • Download latest Magisk zip file and Magisk Manager (link below)
  • Custom Recovery installed

Install Magisk

  • Reboot to TWRP/CWM/philz recovery
  • Flash Magisk.zip
  • Wipe dalvik and cache
  • Reboot to System
  • Now install Magisk Manager App

Viola!! You successfully flashed Magisk. Now its time to install you favorite app.

Installing Tez, Snapchat or other internet banking apps

  • Install the app which you want to use, but don’t open it.
  • Open Magisk Manager
  • Go to Magisk settings->Magisk->Enable Magisk Hide
  • Now go to Magisk Hide
  • Select the app from which you want to hide root


Done! Now you can use your favorite app without compromising root access. You can select unlimited number of apps from which root access can be hidden. Magisk is totally free to use, there are no Ads and its highly stable.

Hope you found this useful. Go ahead and start snapping with your friends now.

Still didn’t work? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll get back to you.




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