Battery life has always been the major factor that determines our smartphone choice, especially Android. No matter how powerful is the battery, you must recharge the battery once in two days to keep it going. One of the main challenge with battery life in Android smartphones are wakelocks. Wakelocks are caused by apps that continuously keep the phone awake to seek various information. As a result, the phone never enters deep sleep state and consumes a lot of battery.

Now on Android 8.1, if you check the Battery settings, you may see one app highlighted at the top with a red warning battery icon. It indicates that the app has been draining the battery and you can take necessary actions to resolve it.

The feature is not yet confirmed if it will make into Android 8.1 when it goes public. In the past Google has been known to add features in Developer previews, but only to withdraw it before the final release. Its a pleasure to see Google making improvements in Android by testing features in developer preview.

Though there are many apps that monitor wakelocks but they themselves consume battery in the background(unless phone is rooted). What do you think about this feature? Will it solve battery woes that everyone complains?


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