Gboard formerly known as Google Keyboard is undoubtedly one of the best keyboard available on Google Play Store. With more than 1 Billion downloads, Gboard is used by almost everyone including iOS users. Well, today we’ll be telling you 10 cool Gboard tricks that will make your life much easier. From searching emojis within seconds to editing or correcting text the smartest way, Gboard can do it very easily.

1.Capitalizing a Word/Sentence

So you typed a entire sentence in lowercase and now you want in uppercase. The most probable thing that you will do is erase that line completely and retype it. But Gboard comes with a feature which allows you to this without erasing.

  • Select the sentence/word which you want to capitalize
  • Now tap the Caps lock key, if you tap it once it will convert the sentence/word to sentence case. If you want in uppercase then tap it twice


2.Searching An Emoji

During texting on WhatsApp, how often have you struggled to find a particular emoji? WhatsApp does have a inbuilt emoji search, but again you must type exact keywords for WhatsApp to suggest. Gboard offers you to draw the emoji, based on your drawing Gboard exactly guesses what emoji you need.

  • Tap the emoji button besides the spacebar

  • On the right top of the keyboard tap the pencil icon

  • Draw the emoji
  • Select from the suggestions



You have an entire document to be typed and don’t have a laptop/PC to do. Typing a formal letter or thesis requires a lot of attention on grammar, especially punctuation marks. Gboard does offer a punctuation shortcut instead of switching between alphanumeric and punctuation keyboard.

  • Long tap the button next to spacebar
  • Gboard will now open a list of commonly used punctuation marks like full stop,comma,question marks etc.


4. Bitmoji, GIFs, Animoji And Smileys

They are probably the best way to express yourself while chatting. Instead of using regular emojis, you can spice up your chats even better by sending Bitmojis GIFs etc. Remember that you must have an active internet connection to browse GIFs, Bitmoji and Animoji.

  • Tap the emoji icon besides the spacebar

  • Gboard will open emoji section
  • The bottom most tab will have Bitmoji, GIFs, Animoji and Smiley section. Just tap the desired section you want.
  • You can even search Bitmoji and GIFs


5.Adjust Keyboard Size

Typing on 5.5 inch smartphone can be a nightmare when using only one hand. Its even worse if your palm is short. But now its possible as Gboard allows you to resize the keyboard as per your convenience. No matter how short are your palms, just change the size and start typing like a pro with one hand.

  • To enable this, long tap enter key and enable one hand mode.

  • In case you want to adjust the keyboard, just tap the icon (see image) and resize it


6.Navigating And Correcting Mistakes

You just typed an entire document and spotted a mistake, it’s obvious that you will try tapping the area where you want to edit, But if your document has a lot of sentence then it can be very frustrating. With GBoards text editing mode you can easily navigate to the sentence/word to be corrected.

  • Tap the Google icon on top left

  • On the top right side, tap the button with three dots (see image)

  • Tap text editing

  • Gboard will open a navigation keyboard. Just use the on-screen keys to navigate.
  • There’s also an option for select all, copy and paste


7. Fractions And Subscript

You might be having math exams tomorrow and your friend sends you a problem on WhatsApp which has exponents and fractions. Lazy people will solve on piece of paper and send a picture of it. Legends will use Gboard as it allows you to insert fractions and subscript.

  • Tap on ?123 key
  • Long press the number (trial and error)

  • A small pop screen will show fractions and exponents corresponding to that number.


8.Translate To Any Language

The most underused Gboard feature because many people don’t know about it. You can translate a sentence/word from one language to any language of your choice. It includes Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam and various other international languages.

  • Tap the Google icon on upper left
  • Tap the translate button (see image)
  • By default Gboard will auto detect the language. Type the text which needs to be translated
  • Select the output language which you want
  • The output will automatically be displayed


9. Speech To Text

Over the years, Google has constantly developed this feature. A few months back it was a standalone app that needed to be downloaded separately. Google has now integrated within Gboard itself.

  • Tap the microphone icon on upper right corner
  • This will activate the microphone. Now just speak what needs to be typed



10. Access Settings

Sometimes Gboard icon doesn’t appear in the app drawer and you want to change settings of Gboard. The most common method is to go in settings->languages and inputs->Gboard. We’ll be telling you a even faster method to do this.

  • Just trigger the keyboard interface
  • Tap the google icon in upper left corner
  • Now tap those three dots (see image)
  • Tap settings

This may sound very lengthy, but in reality its much faster. It’s really handy when you want to change the settings of keyboard without leaving the current screen.

That’s all folks. Start using Gboard to it full potential. In case you still don’t use Gboard then its high time you start using it. Gboard is very fast compared to SwiftKey, moreover you can even theme Gboard, add images to the keyboard and a lot more. Which feature did you like? Let us know.

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