The most awaited iPhone X is finally out in the market. The device looks extremely premium with glass back and stainless steel border.  It is powered by the lightning fast A11 Bionic processor and comes with futuristic Face ID, Animoji and a lot more. But the problem is the cost, it costs almost 1 Lakh Rs own this beast. However you can get your hands on iPhone X for just Rs 26,7000. Lets find out how.

The offer sounds too good to be true. Jio is ready to give back 70 percent of the MRP of the iPhone X, that accounts to nearly Rs 70,000. But wait, you have fulfill certain criteria to avail this cash back. First of all you have to give the iPhone X back to Jio after a year to be eligible for the buyback.This offer is definitely not for people who have saved their hard earned money to buy this. Secondly, you have to opt for a compulsory Rs 799/month plan which gives you 90GB (3GB per day) of 4G data and unlimited calling.

Now its time to do some math, consider you will purchase the iPhone X for Rs 89,000 (64 GB variant) plus you will have to compulsorily opt for Rs 799/ month plan. The total costs mounts to Rs 89,000 + Rs 9,588= Rs 98,588 which is the amount you have to pay.

Remember, you will have to pay the entire Rs 89,000 (or Rs 1,02,000 of you are opting for the higher-end 256GB variant) in one go whilst buying the iPhone X. You cannot just pay Rs 26,700. You will receive Rs 62,300 back when you return the smartphone after one year only if you have successfully met all of the above terms of the agreement.

The offer is really attractive, but the drawback is that iPhone X will never be permanently yours. According to surveys, an iPhone user tend to use their smartphone for at least two years. iPhone always has a high resale value compared to Android Smartphones. So even after two years you can still recover at least 60 percent of the cost.

Steps to avail Jio’s Offer

1. Visit

2. Locate the ‘iPhone X 70% buyback’ banner in the homepage

3. Click on ‘Enroll for buyback’.

4. Enter your iPhone X’s IMEI number and your mobile number

5. Click on ‘I accept terms & conditions’ and then on ‘submit’ at the bottom of the page.

6. Voila. You are done.

Make sure you take a good care of iPhone X else you won’t be eligible.

What do you think about this offer? Will teens be lured by this?

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