Have you ever sent a message on WhatsApp and regretted later? Did you accidentally fire cuss words in family or bosses group? Don’t worry, WhatsApp is about to release a feature wherein you can revoke sent messages.

While WhatsApp rolled out a slew of new features in 2017, including a new Snapchat-like status feature, two-step verification, more files types for data transfer, and increasing the media sharing limit, the best apparently is yet to come. The revoking feature is already available on Telegram and Viber. Now with WhatsApp also releasing this feature, it’s definitely providing tough competition to these IM platforms.

This update is already available for beta users. The feature allows users to ‘Delete for everyone,’ while posting group messages within seven minutes of its being sent. A ‘Delete for me’ option is also believed to be on the cards.

The feature extends not only to text but also images ,text, audio, video, GIFs, contact files, location pins, quotes messages, and attachments.

Based on preliminary reports, it is indicated that the app will not notify members of a group if a message has been revoked. Gmail, which runs on a different protocol, also has a provision called Undo Send, thereby giving users a second chance to include information which they might have overlooked. However, the time frame for recalling emails is only 7 seconds.

What do you think about this feature? Will it affect users positively or negatively? What if the user sends a message, the receiver receives, and then he forwards? Let us know in comments.

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