The tablet industry might have gone dead this year, but still there are few companies like Micromax, IBall and Swipe that are competing. There were hardly few tabs released this year except from Swipe. Today we’ll review Micromax Canvas Tab P681, a budget segment 8 inch tab that satisfies all basic needs. Here’s a deal catcher, buy this tab only if you get under Rs 5999/. We purchased from Amazon during Diwali Sale for Rs 4999 only. Lets begin a in-depth powerpack review.

Design and Aesthetics

The tab feels really premium to hold and it fitted comfortably in our hands. We ordered the blue color variant because it has a shiny effect. It looks like metal at first but as you hold it you realize its plastic. Thumbs up to Micromax in design segment. Micromax Canvas Tab P681 has power button and volume rocker on the right side while the lower left side has microphone. On the top there’s a micro USB and 3.5 mm Audio jack. At the rear there’s a 5 MP shooter with single LED flash. Moving on to the front portion, the tablet has 2 MP front camera, and earpiece. One key feature at the back of the tablet is the speaker. This tablet has dedicated DTS sound. We’ll do a separate review later in this section.

The power and volume rocker keys are made from plastic. Its really hard to reach if you are operating the tab with one hand and chances of slipping is really high. We used this tab for about a week and noticed some flaws in the power key. It was getting cranky after every use. Sometimes the power key used to get jammed. However this didn’t affect the performance. Its recommended to grow your nails to free the power button from frequent jams.

Below the speakers are present two plastic dots, so that it doesn’t block the sound if you place the tab on a flat surface. The back cover is non-removable, however the top part can be removed for inserting Micro SD and SIM card.


The Micromax Canvas Tab P681 sports a huge 8 inch display with a resolution of 800 pixels by 1280 pixels, we were surprised by the brightness and sharpness, also color reproduction was quiet satisfying. The screen did saturate at high brightness. Micromax has added on-screen navigation keys. There was plenty of space below the screen, and adding hardware navigation keys would have been better. Still no complaints against Micromax, as this is budget segment Tablet. Viewing angles are nearly satisfying because of IPS display. Turning the tablet by few degrees will reveal a thin black border that runs around the screen.


The acid test for any tablet or smartphone, and this where we were totally dissatisfied. It runs on Indus OS which is based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. Powering on the device for the first time and we were greeted with a pixelated screen. Even after setting up the device the home screen was highly pixelated. We found that this was happening because of Indus launcher. We switched to launcher3 from settings and again the same thing was happening. So we tried third party launcher and it did fix this issue. We advise you to do the same incase you are planning to buy this device.



This tablet is recommended for people who want to use it for educational and office use. Playing games like Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger is a nightmare. The phone has just 1 GB RAM and is powered by MediaTek 8321 processor clocked at 1.3 GHz. The processor is a 32 bit, so there’s a valid point why so less RAM works on this tablet. It scored 24,655 on AnTuTu benchmark which was way less then our expectation. It can handle some games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Plant vs Zombie etc. What surprised is the ability of this device to multitask. We could easily switch between 3-4 lightweight apps like WhatsApp, WPS Office and YouTube.

Memory management is also excellent, which is why this tablet consumes less battery(discussed later). On idle mode, you get more than 600 MB free memory. Opening few apps will hardly lead to noticeable spike in RAM usage. Kudos to Micromax again.


What can you expect from a 5 MP shooter from this tab? Lets find out. The 5 MP rear camera takes descent pictures. However there are certain prerequisites before you click a snap. The environment must be well lit, your hands should be highly steady, the tablet should be put on silent mode and you should use both hands to hold the tablet. If you don’t satisfy at-least one of them, then picture won’t be clear at all. Don’t plan to click pictures for your sons birthday party, it will definitely surprise him. You might be wondering why we said “put on silent mode”, its because when you tap the screen to focus it makes a loud noise that’s very unpleasant.

Video recording is pathetic and miserable. The moment you start recording, the screen goes dark and you can’t see a single thing. This even happens under bright sunlight. Check the samples given below. We won’t discuss further about camera, its very mediocre and doesn’t deserve to be reviewed(front camera definitely not). A big red mark for Micromax.


It pack a massive 4,000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery and can power the device for 2 days on medium to heavy usage. In our screen test, we got a staggering 8 hours 10 minutes screen on time. This is really impressive considering this device has 8 inch HD display. One noticeable bug was battery calibration, the battery behaves weirdly at times. There’s a significant decreased in battery percent. This doesn’t imply physical drain of battery. The issue is with the calibration and at times it worked properly. In any case, we always got at-least 7 hours of active heavy usage.

It took less than 90 minutes to recharge the battery from 0-100%, thanks to 1.5 A charger that delivers 7.5 W power. The battery calibration is not a deal breaker here.


The key feature of this tablet which we fell in love with. Micromax Canvas Tab P681 has DTS sound and the quality of audio which it blasts out is of extremely high. Though the base is less, the output still rocks. The speakers in this tab aren’t like ordinary speakers that you get in other tablets. You can feel the superiority of the output the device blows. Great work done by Micromax in this segement.

Other features

  • The phone is entirely made up of hard plastic
  • It supports Dual SIM along with micro SD card (32 GB)
  • It has 16 GB internal storage ( about 11.5 GB usable)
  • Supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, GPS and OTG
  • Sensors include Light sensor, accelerometer and proximity sensor

Savvydroids Take

A great tablet from Micromax that satisfies the need of one who wants a tablet for studying, playing casual games and office work. Photographers and gamers stay away from this tablet. The tablet supports 3G which is a cherry on the cake. You even get free screenguard, earphones, OTG cable and USB charger. The deal is, buy the product only if it’s available under Rs 5,999

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