No offense intended, we’ll begin from flashing.

RK ROM is the third installment of popular MM Mod. When you say 3rd installment, you expect the dev to mention the changelogs so that people know what are the improvements. The ROM size is 1.1 GB, because of Cool UI. We really appreciate all the devs who have tried their hands to Mod Cool UI 8.0. Now getting back to RK ROM.


It has a aroma installer and navigating through is really tough since touch doesn’t work. You have to press power and volume up button for navigation. The ROM is prerooted, but sadly it doesn’t root the ROM properly, we had to flash SuperSU manually.


First boot takes about 2 minutes. Boot animation is Android 8.0 which looks awesome. Normal reboot takes about 45 sec which is really good.


We are extremely sorry to say this, but performance is worse than stock MM v10. Multitasking 4-5 simple lightweight apps like WhatsApp,Gmail, YouTube, wps office and Facebook lite will lag the phone. RAM consumption is extremely high. Moreover, apps doesn’t remain in the memory during light multitasking, it reloads 70% of the time.


We fully charged the phone and restarted it. Within 3 minutes the battery drained by 2%, you can check the screenshot. Phone idle consumes more than 2% per hour. This is way too much. SoT is around 4-5 hours. One thing that really annoyed us is charging time, it takes staggering 4 hours 20 minutes to charge fully. After every boot power button won’t work, also phone doesn’t charge till you toggle USB debugging.

More bugs:

  • NVRAM warning after flashing the ROM.
  • System¬†UI restart while installing heavy apps.
  • Fp fails to recognize even when finger is placed correctly.
  • Gestures are broken because of mad kernel


Some improvements that could have been made:

  • App optimisation on every boot ( like in osti)
  • V4droid instead of Dolby (personal opinion)
  • More responsive control center

What works:

  • Everything just like MM,
  • Google Assistant works.
  • You can even add new APN
  • Data switching works from control center itself
  • Voice recorder
  • VoLTE is stable(not like osti, where you had to go to mtk mode to get it solved sometimes)
  • Dailer and messaging app looks good.
  • Black player

Should you flash this ROM?
We didn’t like this ROM much, mm Mod 2 was way better than this. We understand messing with Cool UI is tough, still Ritik Mehrotra and Alpha Devs did an awesome job.

For now back to mad os
ROM link:

Check Screenshots

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