You read it right, Call Bomber has been finally added to BombitUp. This feature was launched about a week ago and works really well. Bombitup ¬†is one of the best SMS bomber currently available. Credits to Sanchit Gera who has now increased the limit of SMS to 130 per request. One more awesome feature that he added is Infinity Blast. Though this feature doesn’t work but once it’s fixed you will be able to spam your friends with infinite SMS. Lets now talk about the Call Bomber.

bomber side home

It’s a new feature added within the BombitUp App. All you have to do is enter the victims mobile number and hit Bombit. Your victim will be receiving 5 calls with a time interval of 30 seconds between each call. We tried this feature by adding our own number and immediately we started receiving calls from unknown numbers. Do remember that calls can easily get traced. So if you are planning to spam someone, we recommend using VPN and then use the app. However SMSs cant be traced.

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Moving onto the upcoming feature “Infinity Blast”, this sends infinite SMSs to the victim. As of now this doesn’t work because its still under testing. The new version of BombitUp has several UI improvements like addition of side bar which makes the app look more organised. Do check our previous post on BombitUp that explains more about this cool app.


BombitUP v1.8


Savvydroid is not responsible if you are held legally. This is just for educational purpose. Use this app for fun and not revenge. Happy spamming!!


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