iOS 11 Glitch That Can Crash Your iPhone


    Hey! Do you want to play a super obnoxious prank on your iPhone friends? Mind you! This glitch is really dangerous as it can crash the iPhone. You may even spoil the device permanently. We recommend you to read this article till the end, also help your friends once you play this prank on them. Firstly we would like to mention EverythingApplePro for making this profile. He modified the glitch and made it even more dangerous.


    The good part is that this glitch works only on iOS 11 devices. So if you are using any other versions of iOS then you are absolutely safe. The original glitch is an app that installs hundreds of irremovable apps. Once you install this app, it starts filling up the home screen with dummy apps, it also makes your iPhone behave weirdly like frequent restarts, hanging, malfunction of Touch ID. Thankfully the developer also provides a one touch solution by allowing you to delete the app that triggered this glitch.

    Moving on-to the glitch modified by EverythingApplePro, it can harm your device badly if you are using iPhone 5S. All later iPhones can handle this glitch without much harm. Once you install this profile there’s no way you can use your iPhone normally. It installs tonnes of apps that cannot be uninstalled. The phone will be literally unusable for 15-20 minutes. Even after that you attempt to use your device it will keep on crashing. The only way this glitch can be fixed is by installing the fix. But again you will have a hard time navigating to file manager.





    This glitch has been detected by Apple and very soon they will patch it. Its recommended not to install any apps that you find suspicious, because if you don’t have any knowledge about this glitch then you will have a hard time figuring this out.

    Share this with your iPhone friends. Let them know about this insane glitch. Please check the video by EverythingApplePro to get further knowledge on how to activate and fix this glitch. Good luck.

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