Apple finally unveiled iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X this week. You might be really curious to know what Apple has omitted this time, And its the fingerprint sensor that has faced the axe. But don’t worry, Apple has added Face ID that generates a 3D image of your face. You might have already read a lot about the latest iPhone. The most prominent launch is the iPhone 10/ X. Now the question is, why not iPhone 9 ? May be 7 ate 9 ?  Its simply because Apple wants to mark their 10th anniversary. Now, getting iPhone X ain’t that easy. You will have to spend a lot. Today Savvydroid will tell you 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy the latest iPhone X.

1. Price

It costs a whopping $999, by the time it reaches India the cost is expected to be not less than Rs 85,000. The price we mentioned is for the base model of iPhone X with 64 GB storage. If you want the 256 GB variant then get ready to burn at least Rs 1 Lakh. Is it really worth buying iPhone X when there’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus that will be priced lower? The answer may be with Apple itself which they themselves may not know. You can buy two Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus(64GB ) under same price (1 lakh).


2. Uneven Pricing

What’s really weird is the pricing of the two storage variants. The 64 GB variant will be available for around $999 while the 256 GB variant will cost $1149. Damn it!! That’s $150 extra. You can buy 2 TB hardrive with it. The 256 GB variant is way too costly. Apple should have launched a 128 GB variant for people who wanted more storage but short on budget( like seriously?)


3. Great camera, less storage

If you are planning to buy iPhone X 64 GB variant and shoot 4K 60 fps video, then you will run out of storage soon. Though Apple is using new algorithm to reduce the size of medias, still there’s a limit to which it can be done. You definitely won’t compromise on storage for great 1080p 240 fps videos and this where your storage will get a blow.


4. Face ID vs Touch ID

Apple might have ditched Touch ID and introduced Face ID, the consumer feedback is yet to receive when they hit the stores in November. You no longer can unlock the device without looking at it. If your eyes are closed then Face ID doesn’t work. Apple wants you to look at the device everytime you want to unlock it. Why did Apple drop Touch ID? A convincing answer can be Apple’s habit to take risks. They always come up something new that revolutionizes the smartphone market. Anyways, lets wait and watch.


5. Display Issues

For those got their hands on the iPhone X at the launch event, there were reports of dim display. Also there were complains of white screen at the top and the bottom of the screen because of the unique design. However, some developers defended saying that Apple has added dynamic scrolling feature. Now this sound really cool. The app will be adjusting as per the screen, but again the apps need to support this feature.

Next time your iPhone friends starts talking about iPhone X, just show them this post. Stay tuned for in-depth analysis of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 10.

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