So you want to prank your friends but don’t know how? Don’t worry SMS bomber is to the rescue. Credits to Sanchit Gera for developing this wonderful app. When you Google SMS bomber, it shows results which are mostly web based. Moreover there are tons of Ads that pop up. Today we’ll tell you about this cool app. The developer even sends frequent updates to the app. We started with version v1.2 and now the updated version is v1.6. Lets see how it works.

The app works really well, you can send upto 99 messages at one go per number. Your friends will be receiving various messages from Hike, Naaptol, Muffin API etc. They won’t even know that you are the culprit. The developer has placed some Ads in the app but that’s way less when compared to web versions. Remember, use this App only for fun and not revenge. Check instructions below.


  1. First Download the app from the given link
  2. Install the App
  3. Enter mobile number or Choose from contact
  4. Enter the number of SMS you wish to bomb
  5. Smash the BOMBit button
  6. Enjoy!!!!! 😀


[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”″ text=”Download BombItUp latest version” ]

Got spammed and want to block future spam messages?
Just add your number to protect list from the app. This feature is totally free, however the database is cleared once a week. Who’ll get spammed if everyone’s protected?

This app is for fun purpose only. Savvydroid is not resposible if you are held legally for spamming. Use this app only on friends.


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