WhatsApp is one of the best way to remain connected with people. It allows us to chat, share medias, location, make voice and video calls. Whether its a family meet or friends birthday party, we always create a WhatsApp group where we can easily discuss. But there are some annoying members in a group who keep on forwarding spam news. These news are mostly related to current affairs and most of them turns out be fake. We will be telling you how to identify WhatsApp Spam new.

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The best way to avoid spam message is by removing spammers from the group. But if the member is your close friend or family member then we certainly won’t remove them. You can’t blame the members who spam also, they forward such message because they themselves have been convinced by this news. They think it will be useful to other members also.

Such messages are created by a WhatsApp user itself. He/She then forwards this in some popular WhatsApp group or even Facebook groups. The core reason behind the success of such spam news is that people are curious to know more about a particular topic.

For ex: The notorious Blue Whale game which is known for suicidal deaths among teens. There are many WhatsApp messages that say:
Don’t click on suspicious links, it can be Blue Whale game link. The hacker will hack your phone and other credentials. Please forward this to everyone and group. It can be useful to save someones life“.

In the above message, “Blue Whale” word is being used to spread fake news because its hot topic currently. People often be very cautious when they find words like “hack“, “credentials” and “save“. By using these words people get convinced that this message is true and then they forward to others.

Now that you know how WhatsApp spam news work, it’s time to identify the genuineness of such messages. At times, spam news are written so well that it becomes really tough to identify the genuineness. Don’t worry, Savvydroid will tell you a simple trick.


Identify Spam Messages

  1. If you think a message is spam then that select message. Now copy it.

2.Open a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. In the address bar paste the message.


3. Hit search. Now you will see some search results relevant to your search keywords

Search results

4.You are most likely find a website that explains the fake news.



Now that you know to identify WhatsApp Spam News, spread this simple to trick to your friends and family. Let them cross check such messages before forwarding it to others. What do you think of other type of spams like referral and advertisements?

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