Google Home
Google Home: your e-Assistant

What if your speakers play your favorite song when you just tell it to do so, someone reminds you of your tasks to be completed, answers all your questions or calls up your friend with one command? Now it is possible to do a smallest of smallest task by just saying ‘Ok Google’ with the launch of Google Home around 6 months ago in US. Google comes with so many exciting devices with great performance, design and price as well may it be Daydream view, Chromecast, Google glasses and now Google Home.


  • Just perfect for home automation.
  • Powered by Google’s knowledge.
  • Direct competitor to Amazon’s Alexa.
Just say 'Ok Google'
Google Home

What is Google Home exactly?

Google Home is a small device with speakers which connects to the devices in your home and smart phone using internet, perfect example of IOT device. A touch pad on top of it for controlling volume, pause or play audio, among other things. It has a mic that is always listening to you and gets activated when you say ‘Ok Google’. It works on Android as well as iOS. All you need to do is download an app for it.

Android App For Google Home
App For Google Home


Apps and Partners

Google Home is linked with a number of partners which enables you to do a lot of functions. Home automation with the help of partners like Phillips, nest, IFTTT, and more. Entertains with the help of YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Music and Pandora. And carries out other tasks like calling a cap using Uber, ordering Pizza from Dominos, manages your tasks with the help of Google calendar.

Google Home App
Google Home App

Why Google Home?

The device is compared with Amazon Echo as it was launched about a month before the launch of Google Home but it is better than Alexa. Here’s why, it recognizes the owner’s voice even in a lot of noise and distinguishes using ‘sophisticated natural language processing’. It can process various languages. Integrations with Google Services, such as Calendar, rely on your personal account information. The device works with multiple accounts and recognize user’s voices. You can customize its looks according to your wish as it is available in different colors. In spite of so many better features, its price is less than Amazon’s Alexa. There is no word when it will be launched in India but can be shipped.

All you can do with Google Home
All you can do with Google Home

What to look forward to?

We expect that if Google Home is successful, it will launch more models and improvements in the device. Can it be compatible with all other Wi-Fi connected devices at smart home? Can it receive and send commands to other devices? Looking forward to what happens next?

At IFA, Google announced its going to be putting the Assistant on partner speakers, appliances, connected cameras, and much more. Waiting for the updates? Keep following Savvydroid. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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