What is IOT?

Picture yourself in your car in a densely occupied parking lot of Big Bazaar during Diwali. It’s almost impossible to find a place, isn’t it? But what if your car communicates with the other cars and finds a place for itself. Wouldn’t it be great! Or imagine the alarm clock wakes you up in the morning, tells geyser to start water heating and instructs coffee machine to prepare your coffee. Life would be so simple! These are a few applications of IOT-Internet of things. All the things around you are not going to be the same when they will get lively and start interacting.


In simple words, IOT is connection of all possible things. Now we are connected with people all around the world. In the next few years all things around us will interact with people and with each other through smartphones and store data for future use. A report by Gartner states that by 2020, there will be 26 billion connected things. It is the next big thing that will capture the market in the coming years, may it be applicable to health, management, education and any other field you pick.

26 billion devices connected by 2020
26 billion devices connected by 2020

IOT is actually not an entirely new concept. It is integration of the existing technology. Basically, there are three components:

  • Hardware: Making the existing objects around us capable of responding to simulations and producing signals to other objects.
  • Software: Enabling the data collection, storage, processing, manipulating and instructing.
  • Communication Infrastructure: Most important part is the communication protocols for interaction between two objects.


Electronics makes it possible to attach sensors to various objects which is a major part in the IOT infrastructure. Another important reason is the improved Telecom sector and cheaper internet. Consider Reliance Jio, which provides free internet today, has been successful in understanding the future and importance of internet shortly.


Challenges in IOT
Data Security-A Major Threat

All the information sensed and sent to other devices will be stored by each device. Hence, data security will be a major challenge faced in this sector. Anything in your room itself can be hacked and controlled by someone else. This is a serious issue of concern which has to be taken care of during the implementation of the new concept. Other problems can be adapting to and sensing a complex environment, variety of wired and wireless connectivity standards required and need of batteries for reduced consumption of power for IOT devices that need to run for years.


By the time what we can do best is to educate ourselves on various IOT technologies and keep experimenting with new stuff. You can learn about embedded systems, 6LOWPAN, Cloud platform for IOT till we get back with a new article with the latest news in the field and simple topics you can learn.

Keep Learning!

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