WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging app which is currently owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Its a great medium to get in constant touch with your friends, relatives and professional colleagues.There are ton of features on the app rather than just sending text messages. it includes documents, images, videos, URL, GIF, funny emoticons contacts and even voice notes. Sending media is a common feature in all online messaging apps but WhatsApp makes it pretty easy and simple with just a Click. But sending Media content has a problem- The quality. The quality gets compressed  while sending on WhatsApp which is an area for criticism. But do you know that there is a way to send media without compressing it? So lets begin with how to send images on WhatsApp without compressing it.

Send Full Resolution Pics On WhatsApp

Usually when we’re in the middle of a WhatsApp conversation and want to send a picture, we simply try to attach the photo. However, that’s not quite the case here. Simply follow the steps below to get this done within seconds:

  • Firstly, open up WhatsApp on your phone and tap on the “paperclip” icon to attach the picture that you want to send. Well, we’re not going to use the gallery to attach the photo. Instead, we’ll be attaching it as a document. So, simply tap on “Document” and then select the option to “Browse other docs…”.
WhatsApp Sharing Feature menu on any conversation.
WhatsApp Sharing Feature
WhatsApp Browse Menu
WhatsApp Browse Menu
  • Now, since the pictures that you’re going to send are usually located in the Gallery, you’ll have to browse the folder where you have your photos and select the specific photo. Once you’ve found it, tap “OK”.
Images Browsed to be sent on WhatsApp
Images Browsed
  • You’ll now be prompted to send the picture to the specific contact. Once you’ve sent it, you can check if the image has been compressed or not by checking the file’s detailed info, as shown in the picture below.
WhatsApp Image received without compression
WhatsApp Image

Well, that’s pretty much the whole process. Instead of sending it as a photo, we’re sending the image file as a document, in order to prevent WhatsApp from compressing it. You’ll notice that if you send the picture as a document, you won’t get the image preview like you normally would, when you try to send a photo over WhatsApp.

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Use This Simple Trick To Send WhatsApp Pictures Without Compressing

Although we do like to admit the fact that WhatsApp’s image compression feature is actually useful in sending the pictures quickly, not everyone will prefer sacrificing quality for speed. It would’ve been great if WhatsApp had an option to enable or disable image compression. Nevertheless, this nifty trick can help a lot by letting you send full resolution pictures without any compromise on image quality. So, have you guys tried this out and checked it for yourselves? Do let us know, in the comments section down below. If any queries then feel free to contact us




  1. This is a very Good website! Biswas and whoever is involved in it! I suggest you’ll make a section for iOS since the content is not of much relevance to me! Reason being I am an iOS user! But I will share your site to my audience and followers!

    • Thanks Elton. We will soon add a section for iOS. Also this method was tried and tested on iOS but since i have not done it myself, i cannot prove its authenticity. But surely an iOS section will come soon.

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