Apple spends millions of dollars to keep their device secure. Every device they release is hack proof. Even if some loopholes are discovered, Apple patches them with updates. Today we will be telling you about a tool that hacks the passcode of your iPhone. You don’t have to worry about your iPhone because the this tool is not easily available. It costs nearly $600 to buy this tool. You can hack the passcode of maximum 3 iPhones at a time. This tool only works for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. So lets begin.

Which iOS versions can be hacked?

  1. If you are on iOS 10.0- 10.3.2 then you have to flash iOS 10.3.3
  2. If you are using iOS 10.3.3 then flash iOS 11 Beta
  3. If you are on iOS 11 then flash iOS 10.3.3

This may sound confusing, but it only works when you are on one of the iOS versions given above.


How does the hack work?

The loophole lies in the data recovery mode of the iPhone. You have to flash appropriate iOS firmware. When you recover your data, Apple asks you for the Passcode. This is where the tool comes into the picture. Usually iPhone gets disabled after 5 unsuccessful entries. But this tool can enter unlimited number of times without getting the device locked.


How does the tool work?

You have to install the firmware for the tool on PC. Now open the firmware and play around with the settings. You can set continuous “password mode” that attempts the password sequentially. For ex. If you have set the digits to 6, then the tool will start the entry of PIN from 000000 up-to 999999 until the device gets unlocked.


How to use the tool?

The tool is really simple to use. Just setup the firmware. Once you finish flashing iOS to your device and enters data recovery mode, just connect that tool. Press the button to which you have connected the iPhone. Viola!! the process has begun.


How long does it take to hack?

If it’s a 4 digit Passcode then it will take about a day, anything greater than 4 digits will take a week or more. This may be really long but the outcome can be a breakthrough especially for law enforcement agencies. It takes about 50 seconds per code and sometimes even a minute. Once the correct Passcode gets matched, the tool will show the PIN. Enter that PIN and done! You just hacked the iPhone.


What can Apple do to fix the loophole?

The best way is to release a patch. They will be doing it very soon as Apple never compromises on security.


Can my iPhone be hacked?

We found that this works only on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Moreover this tool costs a lot so it will be out of reach from common people. Also the hacker has to determine your iOS version so that he flashes the right firmware. Sources say this tool may even work for iOS 7 and earlier version.


The tool doesn’t have a proper name. It just says Apple iPhone Tool. That’s all folks. This is for educational purpose only. Comment down below what you feel about this hack.

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