Today we are living in an age of dual camera smartphones which can click DSLR like images, but there smartphones are quiet expensive. A good quality Dual Camera smartphone costs more than 15k bucks. Spending so much money just for camera is senseless if you are not a camera enthusiast. Today Savvydroid will tell you about an app that introduces great DSLR effects. This will work even on phones that have cheap and poor cameras. We tried the app by ourselves and found it extremely good.

After Focus which is available for free on Google Play Store brings these effects. Lets see how can you do it.

  • First click photos from your normal camera app.
  • Now open AfterFocus app and load the clicked photo
  • The app will prompt you to open the photo in two modes. Select automatic mode if the photo doesn’t have much detailing like plants and too many objects. If the picture is highly detailed then select manual mode.
  • Now select the area which you want to focus.
  • Use two finger to zoom in and mark the areas (if any)
  • Once you have finished marking press next.
  • Use the settings below the screen to adjust the focal strength. If you want the effects to be more realistic adjust other settings like Aperture, Fading BG, Filter and Effect till you feel the photo is good enough. You can even vignettes, color mask, stickers and sharpen the photo.
  • Press Save

Check the gallery below.

Viola!!! You just made a simple photo into DSLR like effect image. Its really hard to identify the image if you have marked the areas correctly. This app has really simple interface. Take the starting tour of the app so that you be familiar with the app.

Click here to Download the app for free!!

So what you waiting for? Go impress your friends.

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