In the recent weeks we have been closely monitoring the various rumors and leaks about the Apple iPhone 8. Last week we mentioned whole lot of leaks, but this week we are back with even more. Previous leaks

Its now officially confirmed that there will be only three colours of the Apple iPhone. They are black, silver and gold. Like the previous iPhones which was available in more colours like rose gold, jetblack and red, this time there won’t be more colours besides those mentioned. But a few leaks reveal that there will be a special edition of iPhone in a particular colour which is expected to be blush gold. In the leaked images it looks like copper which is pretty attractive.


The biggest news is that Apple has already started mass production of their upcoming devices. This means that it will be announced soon in mid September. In our previous leaks we had mentioned about the wireless charging capability, and now its being said that wireless charging will not be available in the device but it has to be bought separately. This will definitely disappoint many users as this was one of the key feature of Apple iPhone.

There has been mass confusion regarding the name of next iPhone. Some say 7s will never exist because Apple wants to give different naming scheme to their device. In previous iPhones now all ‘s’ version was bigger sibling in the launch. Apple is planning to give it a name which can be differentiated from others. Some even say there will be three iPhones i.e. iPhone 7s, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. We aren’t sure about the names especially iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 plus.


Faced ID which is Apple’s one more masterpiece will be featuring in this iPhone. It will have support for Apple Pay. Codes in the homePod firmware reveals that you can keep the iPhone on a flat surface and still unlock the device. This feature can also be used as autolock. Though we ain’t sure how this is going to help but lets keep our fingers crossed for now. Faced ID will be accurate, faster and even reliable.

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Last week we said both Front and Rear camera will support 4K recording at 60 fps which is really a big surprise especially in smartphones.  This weeks leaks suggest that both the cameras will be able to record 1080p videos at 240 fps( slow motion).  If rumors are correct then Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will face the heat. Developers also say camera will have modern HDR and multi biometric features.

An insider has leaked the pictures of Apple iPhone 8 which totally deviates from all the rumors. The design shown below is completely different from what we have discussed. We feel that this is just a way of distracting people since there has been so many leaks.


One more leaked image is of the glass which shows the placement of the sensors. We couldn’t verify the authenticity of the image, but it seems true as it matches with the leaked design. Moving onto the virtual home button, it can be resized and hidden but its color cannot be changed. The button will be used for Siri.


After iPhone 5s, almost all iPhone has screen size of greater than 4.5 inch. This time Apple may stick to 5 inch. One probable reason is that iPhone 8 will have edge to edge display and a phone with 6 inch display will not be able to withstand if more pressure is applied on the screen. Again this is just a rumor.

Digging deeper into the codes, it has been revealed that iPhone 8 will be able to suppress notifications when we make eye contact with it. Last but not the least, the leak which you have been waiting for. You guessed it right! Apple iPhone 8 will be priced not less than $1,200.

Stay tuned for more leaks! Missed any leaks? check here


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