You might be listening to songs on YouTube, then suddenly someone messages you on WhatsApp and you need to urgently reply, What do you do?
The most possible answer is that you will multitask and switch to WhatsApp, reply and then continue. This gets really annoying especially when you want to listen to music without any interruptions. But now everything is about to get changed as Savvydroid will tell you about an App that allows you to play YouTube videos along side any other App.
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In Android 7.0+ versions there’s an option for split screen which will divide your screen into two equal halves. But if your screen is really tiny then the screen crams up and it gets difficult to use the other App.If your smartphone’s running Android 6.0 and below then your OS doesn’t support this feature so you need to install a third party app that’s exclusively dedicated for YouTube videos. This App is extremely handy for all Android users.

The app is called AT Player (named as Free Music Player for YouTube: Endless Free Songs)  which is available for free on Google Play Store. It has a similar interface like YouTube. All you have to do is just search any YouTube video in the App and start playing. It’s really simple to use just like YouTube. Once you have started to play the video you can switch to any other Apps without any disruptions. The video will be on the screen in the form of a tiny floating window. You can even move that window anywhere you like.

So with this App now there will be no disruptions to your music experience and even to the people who are messaging you. The App is available on Google Play Store named as Free Music Player for YouTube: Endless Free Songs

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