iPhone 8 launch is just around the corner and there has already been huge amount of leaks. Today Savvydroid will be discussing all possible speculations regarding iPhone 8. Lets begin without bragging much because we have a lot to discuss.

There was a leaked image of the iPhone 8 and as expected it was very blurry. As can be seen from the image below there are some connectors attached. If you ever uncased an Apple iPhone then you will find them at the top but in this image it shows that it has been migrated to the bottom which is a good thing. Also there was an X-ray image leaked of this device which is code named FERRARI. It reveals almost everything regarding its internal structure. The rumor that iPhone 8 will feature a L-shaped battery turns out to be true, also the logic board will be stacked which saves a lot of space and gives opportunity to add more physical components.


The back case will have wireless charging ability as shown in the picture. The taptic engine will be even more huge compared to iPhone 7 and 7 plus. It will definitely be even more powerful. The code name FERRARI was predicted way back in December 2016 and also iPhone 8 is code named D22.

Some website reported that there will be iPhone 7s plus, which is highly doubtful. There were speculations that iPhone 8 will be available in brown color but again this may be a rumor.


The biggest rumor about the Apple iPhone 8 got busted this week is when we came to know that iPhone 8 will not have touch ID. The reason can be lack of time and delay in manufacturing process. Even if Apple comes out with this feature it will cause delay in the production. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be the first device that will have this feature. Even Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t have this because there’s no need to compete with iPhone 8 which also won’t have this feature.

Apple has done something innovative in every launch, and this time they are introducing Face ID. We can consider this as a replacement for Touch ID. Face ID will be able to recognise Human Face. It generates 3D image by analysing about 24 crucial facial features. This means it’s impossible to trespass into the phone with this feature. It may be used for Apple Pay. We don’t know how this feature will have an impact on Apple iPhone 8 because you will have to lift the phone everytime to unlock the device.


The biggest confirmed feature is that both front and rear camera will be able to shoot 4K video at 60fps. This is something really great which we hardly see these days. The camera is expected to be smarter this time. It will be able to detect various scenes, items and living objects so that you can get the perfect click. The camera will automatically adjust the correct exposure as per the environment. iPhone 8 will also have Apple Neuro Engine which is going to be used for Artificial Intelligence. There will be a freeze mode capture which will click multiple photos and Apple will automatically retain the best instead of the manually selecting.

Siri is expected to get virtual home button this time but again this can be a rumor. Adding virtual keys will shrink the display area. The expected resolution is 2436×1125 pixels with Pixel Per Inch of 462ppi. There may be even two sizes of iPhone 8 because there are huge discrepancy in the math and its tough to predict the screen size for now.


How did so much specification get leaked? Usually Apple employees are given the device for testing. The servers which was used for pushing OTA updates was apparently not encrypted because of which Apple messed up with the hype of their upcoming device.


The device will run on iOS 11 and the navigation will be at the bottom which will give more space. The front portion may be even fully illuminated. There has been hug debate regarding this. There will be a dark mode which claims to save 25% more power. The status bar will be at the top and multitasking experience is about to change.



That’s all folks, we have covered almost everything about the Apple iPhone 8. What’s not possible to predict is the battery and the processors. For that to know we have to wait until 23rd August.



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