You might be knowing the latest “Always On display” feature that’s available only in premium segment smartphones. It displays all basic information like battery percentage, Clock, Unread messages and even more. Most of them are customised as per users choice. This feature was available on Windows phone by Nokia. But later on Motorola borrowed their idea and introduced this feature in Android Phone, and now you can find it in almost every flagship Smartphones. It’s really cool to have this premium feature in a smartphone. The phone looks even more elegant if you have a black variant smartphone.


But now you can get this feature even in low cost smartphones by an app called “Always ON AMOLED“. This brilliant app is developed by Tomer Rosenfled, we were so pleased to install this app that it actually made our phone look more premium. The app is totally free to use. Check the description for more details.

From the Apps description

Get an always on display for your phone or tablet.
Keep your screen on all the time.
The first open source always on app!

The idea is to provide users with information about, time, date, notifications and more and all without having to touch the phone. Just by looking at it.

This is made possible thanks to AMOLED displays. Most of the screen stays black except for a few pixels.

★Notable features
• Always On Screen
• Notifications – view notifications without touching your device
• New: Now featuring raise to wake!
• New: Backgrounds and wallpapers!
• Automatic rules – preserve battery using predefined rules
• Auto movement – avoid AMOLED burn-in
• Auto night mode – dim the screen automatically in dark environment
• Pocket mode – lock the device when you leave it in your pocket to save battery
• Custom watch faces – Digital S7 style, Classic 24H, Analog S7 style, Analog Pebble style and more!
• Always On Memo – write a reminder and make it show up on your screen all the time!
• Double tap to wake + Swipe up to wake + Volume keys to wake + Back button to wake
• Force orientation – set your preferred screen orientation
• Customization – change the text color, text size,font, brightness and more
• Can be used as a night clock
• Greenify integration – start Greenify automatically when locking the screen to save battery

• Force doze – activate doze when the screen is in the always on state

The app is in BETA, it still has bugs and lacks features.

Camera permission
The app needs camera permission to toggle the flashlight
Phone permission
The app needs phone permission to recognize incoming calls, dismiss the always on screen and show the incoming call screen.
Modify system settings permission
The app needs permission to modify system settings to change the brightness of the lock screen.

** Note: For Xiaomi devices you will need to access the Security App -> Permissions -> Permissions -> Always On AMOLED -> Display pop-up window permission and Show on Lock screen

Download from Play Store

Do install this awesome app and let us know what you feel in the comments.

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