Google introduced a brand new standalone app called YouTube Kids today, initially available in the U.S. only, which is its first product “built from the ground up with little ones in mind,” according to the Internet giant.

From Maps and Gmail to Translate and YouTube, Google already offers a myriad of digital services that are useful and generally well-liked. But what about all those other ones that garner little in the way of headlines or fanfare? Google actually has a ton of apps that generally fall under the mainstream radar. So here’s a look at some of those, and what they do.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is quite possibly the best photo editing app for Android, and while some of its features have been added into Google Photos, it’s a much more robust option for tweaking the looks of your smartphone photography.

Install Snapseed for free from the Play Store

Google acquired Snapseed in 2012, back when it was only available for iOS and desktop platforms. It has since brought the app over into the Android realm, where it now provides a strong touch-based interface for cropping, tuning, transforming, and applying unique filters to your images.

2. Google Handwriting Input

If you’ve struggled to adjust to using on-screen virtual keyboards, Google Handwriting Input provides a natural input method that anyone should be able to jump in and learn right away.

Install Google Handwriting Input for free from the Play Store

As its name would suggest, Handwriting Input allows you to “type” with your own handwriting. After running through a quick and easy setup guide, you can scribble characters with your thumb or stylus, which will be instantly converted into typed text.

3. My Track

For the adventurous folks out there, My Tracks offers a great way to monitor and record your full range of outdoor activities—from hiking, to biking, and even rock climbing.

Install My Tracks for free from the Play Store

Once you’ve started up a session, My Tracks records your path via GPS, while at the same time keeping track of speed and elevation. You can view and share your activity sessions with maps, graphs, and detailed stats, so the adventurer inside of you now has a way to fully express himself.

4. Androidify

While the usage and predominant placement of Android’s trademarked logo may make it seem like a sly marketing campaign on the surface, Androidify actually provides a unique and fun way to express yourself and show off your creativity.

Install Androidify for free from the Play Store

You start off with a naked green Android logo, but from here, you can change the skin tone to match your own, add shirts, pants, shoes, hair, and other accessories, then save your Androidfied likeness to the official gallery or share it with friends by generating a QR code. And who knows, your creation might even get featured in the next series of “Be together. Not the same” ads.

5.Google Gesture Search

In the same vein as Handwriting Input, Google Gesture Search provides a way to interact with your phone by drawing out letters of the alphabet. Except this particular app is for searching your entire phone.

Upon opening Gesture Search, you’ll be asked which categories you’d like to index for searching purposes. The choices here are contacts, apps, settings, music, and browser, which means you can find any app, link, person or song easily. Just draw out your query using your thumb or a stylus, and the search results will be refined as you continue to spell out what it is you’re looking for.

6. Google Goggles 


I discovered Google Goggles shortly after purchasing my first smartphone back in 2009, and almost instantly, I was convinced that these little handheld gadgets were somehow composed of pure magic.

Install Google Goggles for free from the Play Store

The app has been updated with added functionality over the years, but the basic premise remains the same—simply capture an image of anything you’d like to learn more about, and the power of Google will provide information about real-world objects. You can use Google Goggles to translate text, look up prices by scanning an item’s bar code, import business cards directly to your contacts, or even solve Sudoku puzzles—how cool is that?

7.  Ingress

For a lot of people, Ingress is much more than a simple geocaching game—it’s a way of life. The augmented-reality game was created by Niantic Labs, which is an internal startup company that spawned from Google.


Install Ingress for free from the Play Store


It’s not a game for the lazy by any stretch of the imagination—Ingress actually requires you to get out and explore the world around you.

In this sci-fi based scenario, you choose a faction (The Enlightened or The Resistance), then you head out to collect items, capture territory, destroy enemy portals, or strengthen your own.

So were you aware of all the mentioned apps? Google has tons of apps on the play store. It’s wise to go right now and find more about google apps. Till then, Cya.






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