Update: The glitch works 100%, but Amazon detects the failed transaction and revokes your Prime Membership in the next 24 hours.

Hey here’s some cool glitch in Amazon Payment Gateway. This glitch helps you to get free Amazon Prime subscription for 1 year.

So how to get 1 year Free Amazon Prime Subscription?

  1. Login to your Non Prime Amazon Account
  2. Select Prime and add prime membership to cart or join prime
  3. Select payment option as HDFC Netbanking
  4. Enter login ID as 123456789, your transaction will fail.
  5. But you will get Amazon prime Membership for 1 year


This glitch is working till the time this post was posted. We tried it and got free Amazon Prime for One year. Do try try out this glitch and let us know if it succeeds in the comments. Remember, Savvydroid is not encouraging this practice but only notifying citizens regarding this. We advise you to create a secondary account before trying out this in-case Amazon notices this and starts taking action.

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