Have you bought any expensive crap software or an app that’s of no use? May be not, But there are people who do this. Recently an App called “I AM RICH ” was published on Google Play Store. This app was available only for iOS users earlier may be because people who buy iPhones are rich.  And now its available for Android Users.


Savvydroid definitely wouldn’t spend Rs 25k on an app that’s completely useless. More ever  the app has just one screen. You can’t do anything with it. What you can do is prove others that you are a fool if you buy this. So what’s the point in launching such expensive and useless app?

The answer lies in the description of the App. It says

“Are you rich? Prove it with this app and show it to the world.

Hello to all rich people there have a good day, with this app you can be rich and you can show to the world that you are rich.

when you install this app you get a diamond in your phone and you can apply it to your phone. you can be famous with this app after you purchase. just email us your name with photo.

you can help to poor people in the world by purchasing this app.

warning!this app is only for the rich people who think i am rich they can purchase it. beware poor people and stay away from this app thank you.

the most expensive app in google play. i am rich the most expensive app.”


Hey!! hope you haven’t fainted after reading that. With such poorly written English and the price, Who will buy this? We were shocked to see 100 downloads. They said we get diamond in the phone which is just virtual. ROFL!! In-fact we will purchase a real diamond with the money.

Whats even more shocking is this app was ranked 60 under top paid apps on Play Store. We even spotted some satisfied comments. But those seem to be biased.

Should you buy this app?
Never! This can be a case of fraud. If you really have a lot of money and you want to help poor people then there might be some Charity Trust in your locality.


Savvydroid’s View:

This shows Play Store doesn’t do much to take down such apps. The app is totally useless. If you browse the play store extensively then you will find the best paid app that’s not even mentioned under top charts. Play Store should promote the apps that are useful to people. What raises our suspicion is with only 100 downloads how did it get ranked 60.

Check the crap app here

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