Welcome to Super Sunday edition! It’s been couple of days since our last post. Today we are going to put some light on iPhone clones.

Remember every year, whenever Apple launches iPhone its the most criticized for its innovation. But 2 months later we see those similar design and features in the other phones. Simple example, The dual camera concept of iPhone, Apple was trolled on twitter for its unique back look. But today we can see the same design in OnePlus 5, Oppo R11 and many other smartphones.

Apple was the first phone that had fingerprint mounted under home button. There were many rumors that it would wore out soon. But Apple proved them wrong. 2 years down, the fingerprint sensor still works. Now we see similar design in Moto phones. The concept of full uni-body metal design, this was also a part of Apples way to appeal users. If you keep OnePlus 5, Oppo R11, Apple iPhone 7 plus side by side you probably won’t be able to recognize which ones which(if there were no branding).


Why manufacturers try to copy Apple iPhone design?

We think manufacturers copy iPhone design because Apple is known to rule premium segment of Smartphones and may be because the moment we see Dual Camera iPhone comes into our mind. People usually have a bright image when they spot iPhone users. But in future this equation may change.


So why buy an iPhone when you get phones like iPhone?

Though iPhones are really costly, they are extremely powerful and durable. Also they have excellent after sale service because they don’t launch more than 2 phones every year. As far as the manufacturers who copy iPhone’s design is concerned, its only a tactic to remain surfaced in Smartphone market. Though some are really good in design but they are no match to iPhone’s performance.


How to copy Apple’s design without copycat tag?

Smartphone giants like LG has launched LG G6 which sports a Dual Camera. The placement is totally unique. It looks like a robot with the fingerprint sensor placed below the camera. Dual camera concept may have been there for long time now, but credits go to Apple for making it has a hot feature in smartphones. You can now find dual camera under Rs 15k which was not possible earlier. Also recently announced Oppo R11 looks very familiar to iPhone 7 plus with some minor changes made to camera architecture. If you observe closely the above picture, Oppo hasn’t placed a noise cancellation mic between the camera and LED flash.




At the end, what we need is a good smartphone. If you want phone that looks like iPhone then go for recently launched OnePlus 5. If you can afford an iPhone then wait for the launch of iPhone 8 as prices of iPhone 7 can come down.

What do you feel ? Should companies stop copying iPhone design?

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