Android and iOS are the two most powerful and popular mobile operating system, which makes them the biggest rival in the mobile industry. And in this hyper-tech and competitive world, there could be only one winner. Both of them try their best to be a step ahead than the other. But somewhere we feel Android has an upper hand on iOS. Here are 5 reasons why Android is better than iOS.

1. Existence of Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the real inventory of Android. As compared to App store by Apple(iOS), Android has larger reach and variety of apps. App Store is just a little over 2 million Apps where as Play Store has more than 2.5 millions apps. But the better part is the free apps on Play Store. As new apps are added to the Play Store, The number of free apps also increasing. Out of 2.5 millions apps, 2.3 million apps are free which itself is more than the total number of apps on App store.


2. It’s the Lord of Customization 

While few people are happy and satisfied by the homogeneity offered by iOS, there are many like us who enjoy taking our phones to a next extent which is what Android is famous for. You can even completely replace the software on some Android devices.

Android devices allows you to completely change the entire working environment of the device, from the on-screen appearance to the key features such as keyboard, built in apps and even launcher. If you have the CyanogenMod, you can pretty much kill any unwanted feature of the cell.

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3. There is an Android phone for all

Need a rugged phone that you can take mountain-biking or rock-climbing? Get the Galaxy S7 Active. Want a high-end phone that performs well? Nab yourself a OnePlus 5. Great camera? Huawei P9. Android is brimming with choice – and we love it. As of last year, there were over 24,000 devices from 1,300 brands.

With each launch of Apple devices, you get only 3 variants(sometimes only 2) : small, medium and large. These are mostly the changes in the phone’s physical sizes and has very little to do in the features of the phone. This make them very static and somewhere low compare to the dynamic range of Android devices.

4. The price range

Android devices come in a great price ranges, from as minimal as 4k to as high as 70k, making the suitable for every strata of the society. While the Apple devices are on the higher price end, making them very much in accessible for a common man. Surely the EMI principle can be applied here, but it’s still a burden to bear to pay installments, just for a phone!

5. Android is always updated.

Apple moves slowly, while Android races ahead at full speed. Individual technological innovations of Android devices are way ahead of Apple. Usually, Apple follows Android. For instance, the Huawei P9 was released with a dual rear camera system earlier this year and now the iPhone 7 Plus has it.

If there’s a new innovation you’re interested in then you should go with Android. Manufacturers of Android devices give you plenty of fresh choices for new technology. If you want last year’s innovations jumbled into one device, then Apple is the best bet. Remember, many new features Apple touts are already in Android devices. The iPhone 7 is now water-resistant, but Android did it first two years ago, and the Galaxy S7 still has a higher IP68 certification than the IP67 certification of the iPhone 7. Android started using hap-tic feedback two years ago as well. Apple marketing is clever. For instance, many people believe that Apple invented the smartphone.


So this is the 5 reasons why we believe the Android has an upper hand on iOS. Hope you would think wisely before making a choice between them.



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