After the launch of Jio, there has been an exponential increase in 4G users. Not only Jio, but other Operators also launched many new plans to attract their customers to upgrade to 4G. But a common problem faced by everyone is with 4G speed. You may get full network in your area, but speed might be less. One of the core reasons is 4G band. There are many 4G bands worldwide. However in India we have only Band 3, Band 5 and Band 40.

Today we will tell you a method to increase your 4G speed by locking your phone on to a particular 4g band.

Note the following Hierarchy

  • Speed of bands: BAND 40>BAND5>BAND 3
  • Network Coverage: BAND 3>BAND5>BAND 40

So band 40 won’t have great coverage but will have the highest speed, and Band 3 will have least speed and good coverage.
Airtel provides 4G services on band 40, Vodafone on band 3. But Jio provides on all 3 bands. The reason why people face issue with Jio speeds is because our phone keeps on switching bands. If band 40 is weak it will switch for next healthy band. As a result the speed drops. If you live in city you might be facing this issue.

We’ll tell you how to lock on to one particular band and get good download speed. If you won’t great speed opt for band 40, great coverage than band 3, if you want both choose band 5.

First step is to know which processor your phone has. Just go to settings->about phone. Check if it’s MediaTek or Qualcomm


1)Open Dialer
2)Dial *20121220# (an engineering mode window will open)
3)Select MTK_Engineermode
4)Select bandmode
(this will show all the band your phone supports,By  default all supported bands are selected. Now untick the band which you don’t want.)
5)Select set and reboot.


1) Download this app from here

2)Select MTK settings

3) follow step 4 from method 1, reboot

If you encounter any error, go back to step 4 in method 1 and select restore to default.


    You can download small app : Shortcut Master (Lite) :

  1. Open app
  2. Go to Menu > then select ‘Search’
  3. Type: Service Menu or Engineering mode & search
  4. Select ‘System app’ for more specific
  5. If found then open & access to change LTE bands


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