In the last article, We spoke about various launcher that one can use to customize their phone appearance. If you missed it, click the link below :

Today We will share with you my top 5 icon packs for making the old style icons appear stylish and bright. So let’s begin!


First in my list is the icon pack Sunrise. Making its debut in the last year, it has made many fans due to its subtle design and clean appearance. In terms of creativity, it has a unique range of pop up colors which are beautifully merged with the icon style, giving it a sleek look. It needs to add more icons to the list and also prevent more bugs which are often reported by many users. With a user rating of 4.7 and over 100 thousand downloads, Sunrise really rises too high!



The next in the list is Desaturated. As the name suggest, it’s not the pack with most vibrant colors. Desaturated has colored the icons in red and orange tones with highest quality of iconography and has hundred of matching wallpapers. It has over 200 matching wallpapers and can be auto applied to the launcher. It looks professional and also makes the phone appear neat. Just over a 100 thousand downloads, Desaturate has a long way to go.



Those who love to keep their phone playful¬†and cute, CandyCons is just made for them. With a user rating of 4.5 and over a whooping 1 million downloads, CandyCons is personal best for many android users. CandyCons is an icon pack which follows Google’s Material Design Language. It has a simple icon design which makes the icons appear as a candy, giving them a static look. It lacks a lot of icon designs and needs to add more designs to its store. Overall a decent icon pack but has some compatibility issues with various launchers.



Many android users prefer to keep their phone very simple yet elegant, as they prefer only subtle colors like white or black. For them we have Whicons. Whicons is a minimalistic and clean white theme icon pack. It has around 4675 icons which is the highest number of designs by any icon pack on the list. It covers more than 19900 apps. It has a simple design pattern which makes the icons white. With a user rating of 4.6 and over 500 thousand downloads, Whicons is really attractive theme pack for subtle designs.



Last in the list is the all new Polycon Icon pack. With over 800+ Vector icons and custom folder icons, It attracts a large group of android users who love symmetric and straight edge designs. It is a fresh take on Material Design Iconography. It offers unique, creative and vibrant icons. It also lacks more designs and customization feature, But is highly compatible with many custom launchers. With a user rating of 4.5 and over a million downloads, Polycon leave a deep mark in the market.


So guys, this was my best 5 icon packs for you. Any suggestion or any queries, feel free to ask. Till then, Bye bye !




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