Welcome to Super Sunday edition. Hope you are having a great time reading our new posts. Today Savvydroid will do something unique, we will have a look at some of the most costliest gadgets in the history. Do keep your calculators ready.



Probably the most asked question, in 2007 Luvagilo launched one million Dollar laptop. It was available for pre-order, and as expected no one ever ordered it. Reason: They never released the pictures of the actual laptop besides rendered CAD photos. PC Pro investigated Luvaglio and discovered that the company was operating from a small, terraced office in West London (that used to be a town house). Until today, the company has never revealed if it ever produced an actual physical product.



The Stuart Hughes’ PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition is the most costliest Television. It has a huge 55 inch screen and is coated in 18k rose gold with 72 round cut 1k diamonds. Priced at a whopping $ 2.26 million. (if you are trying to convert in Rs, use a scientific calculator). Only three were made, maybe because their mines got exhausted.



3.Desktop PC

Priced at just $30,000 we have the 8Pack OrionX.  It has a multi-core overclocked Intel Core i7-6950X-based high-end desktop and a quad-core factory overclocked Intel Core i7-7700K-based gaming rig. It’s a gaming laptop. Now the question is, who will buy this? We also don’t know because even the heaviest of heavy games don’t need so much processing power. Know more..



Planning to buy a refrigerator and confused? Don’t worry here’s one. manufactured by Meneghini Arredamenti is priced at $41,500. What it does? Regular cooling. The size is huge and has many compartments. It doesn’t look like a standard refrigerators. It’s completely unique and you can customise the way you want.



Music lovers bored with JBL and BOSE headphones? Here’s something really awesome! Priced at $120,000 we have Focal Utopia by Tournaire. Unveiled this year at CES 2017. Made by master jewellers, they feature 18-carat gold mounted with six-carat diamonds, and are handcrafted in Tournaire’s workshops.



6.Washing Machine

Finally, we found something useful. A washing Machine from LG priced at Rs 80,000/ and yes its available in India. It has a massive capacity of 4 Cu.Ft. and it’s front loaded. The company also gives 10 years of warranty on the motor. Considering the price, does the washing machine turn black clothes white?


7.USB Drive

Who doesn’t like USB Drive with big capacity? Everyone does. Presenting to you the world’s most expensive USB drive produced by Swiss jewelry maker La Maison Shawish. Priced at $37,000 and it has just 32GB of storage. We would have bought 1000 external hard disks instead. The USB drive is mushroom shaped, sources say the design was inspired from Alice in Wonderland.



It may sound really crazy, but this beast made into our list. Lastly we have Panasonic NE-3280 Sonic Steamer Commercial Microwave Oven priced at $3,099. This 3200 Watt commercial microwave, also stainless steel, features a sonic steamer. We won’t go in detail as it’s getting really hot after reading all the price of these gadgets.


Thats all folks! What should we do next Sunday? Comment down below.

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