Android Launchers on Marshmallow
Android Launchers

If you own an android device, then surely after a while you will get bored with the same old launcher style and sluggish appearance of the phone. But Android , as compared to its competitors, offer exciting customization choices. Here are my top 5 best free launchers for Android till now.

1.Nova Launcher

In the Android’s world of customization, Nova launcher makes a profound impact as it offer the best customization and gives the user a magical feel. It has the smoothest and a sleek response. If you earlier used Nova on any other device, It gives you the option of restoring the previous settings. If you are new to it, you might find it little intimidating but as you go along you will explore the wonders you can do with it. It is compatible with any icon pack and gives you good performance results. In the Nova settings, you can make ton of options to customize the way your phone appears.

It’s a launcher for everyone and attracts all kinds of Android users. With the user ratings of 4.6 and over 10 million downloads, It’s the first launcher to hit my list.

2. Arrow Launcher

How surprising it is to find an Android launcher in the top 5 list developed by Microsoft Corporation! But they have not disappointed at all. Arrow Launcher is not an attempt to duplicate the configurability offered by Nova Launcher but Microsoft has focused on the productivity of the launcher. With the user rating of 4.5 and over 5 million downloads in short time period, Arrow launcher has made a lot of buzz in the market. The amazing thing about the launcher is the cool in-built features. The new update (3.7) has new features like the QR or Bar code scanner, has an in-built Bing wallpaper app and also background app killer making the device a high-end performance device. The feel is amazing and very quick and responsive.

Looking at its development routine and the success it has achieved I feel it will definitely becoming the personal favorite of many Android users.

3.  The Evie Launcher 

For those who really want to keep things simple and real quick, Evie Launcher is the best choice for them. At the first look, it appears to be simple and sneaky for those who wanna zip though the app drawer and home screen. In the Evie settings, you can customize the appearance, drop in and out the grid size, background and also manage the gestures. Additional to the is the fact, it has a very low RAM usage as compared to any other launcher on the list making it a good choice with lower configuration Android phone. Overall a decent launcher with a user rating of 4.6 and over 1 million downloads.

4. Yahoo Aviate Launcher 

The next launcher in the list is developed by the Yahoo team (Formerly thumbsUp labs)called The Aviate Launcher. With the user rating of 4.3 Aviate Launcher is a great alternative for those who wants everything at just one slide. Aviate aims to analyze how to use your phone to better surface information and apps that are relevant based on a variety of factors. It’s best suited to the users who are not interested to take the trouble of customizing the phone manually. It is a predictive launcher and which will adapt to your location, frequently used apps, usage etc. It has no direct app drawer and needs two slides to left to reach to app apps. It has a page just dedicated to apps which are custom categorized by the user. It has the Yahoo search bar, which makes it real outdated as very few use yahoo search. Overall its a good launcher but needs more customization features and more steady feel and look.

5.Buzz Launcher

Last but not the least is the highly customizable Buzz Launcher. As the name suggest, Buzz launcher made a lot of buzz in the Android market as it appeared to be the rival for Nova Launcher. What makes it more likable is the fact that it’s an ad-free custom launcher. It has more than 1000,000+ free themes, which is the largest number of themes among the other launchers in this list. It has massive cache of available themes and it shows the true customization power of Android. On the downside, it requires higher RAM specification and select themes are poorly optimized. This launcher will attract those user who are ready to invest time in purely customizing their phones. With a user rating of 4.4, it is a launcher to test the pure customization feature of Android.

Flick Launcher

A special mention about the launcher which I feel will make a lot of buzz once it’s development is complete. The Flick Launcher is an open source launcher inspired by the Pixel style of google. characterized by circular icons , which offer some special features like shortcuts to app installed, gestures to activate the smart phone with dual touch. This tool allows use to customize the size of menu grid, color of the folder grid, the backgrounds and borders too.

It is available for free on play store but it’s still under development phase, so it may have some bugs.


Many of you might be confused with the 5 options given above. In my opinion, if you are ready to spend time customizing you cell, Buzz launcher is the best choice But if you want just a good and productive launcher, Arrow launcher is the solution to it.




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