Planning to buy a new laptop? Do check this guide if you are confused.

When you are buying a laptop, there are certain things to be considered like budget,processors,operating systems etc.. Today we are going to tell every bit of information which will help you.



As usual, you must first assess your requirements. Based on the requirements, your budget varies. Laptop requirements are broadly classified into

  • Day to day use laptops (for browsing,typing and playing simple games)
  • Students laptop (for programming, minor editing, mid graphic games)
  • Business laptop (for more storage, faster processing)
  • Gaming laptops (for heavy duty games)



Once requirement is recognised it’s time to fix the budget. Buying a gaming laptop and using it for day to day use is senseless. Below are given maximum price range for your requirements

  • Day to day use- Rs 25,000/
  • Students use- Rs 25,000/ to Rs 45,000/-
  • Business – Rs 30,000/ onward
  • Gaming – Rs 50,000/- onward



Most people get confused here, between Intel and AMD .

Intel processors: It has less cores with less clock speed but they are used optimally. It needs less power and doesn’t heat much. If you are willing to invest a lot, then go for Intel processors. On long run, you will notice the benefits like less electricity bill and smoother performance as compared to AMD. Below are given price range of different Intel processor

  • Intel Celeron- Rs 15-30K
  • Intel Atom- Rs 10- 25K
  • Intel Pentium-Rs 15-25K
  • Intel i3- less than Rs 40K
  • Intel i5- less than Rs 80K
  • Intel i7- more than Rs 70K

Note: The price mentioned are for latest generation of Intel processors.

AMD processors: More cores and more clock speed, plus you can overclock AMD processors but performance is same as Intel. It needs more power and hence it heats a lot. It’s popular because of affordability. An Intel i5 processor costs Rs 40k+ while AMD provides same processing power at Rs 30k+ price. Do note that your power bill will go for a toss if you buy AMD. Some AMD processors and its price range

  • AMD E Series- less than Rs 25K
  • AMD A Series- less than Rs 40K



Always opt for a laptop that has a higher RAM. When it comes to RAM there are different types like DDR2, DDR3, DDR3L ,DDR4 and DDR5. See which one fits in your budget. DDR2 is quite old and DDR5 is the latest. Also DDR5 is the costliest. If you are tight on budget then go for DDR3, and if you are wiling to spend more then buy DDR4 RAM laptop.



A normal user can overlook this category. Those who want gaming laptop always check the graphic Card. As this category is really vast and it all depends on your requirements. Popular ones are AMD and NVIDIA series. Do a deep research on this as it costs quite a lot. Budget laptop comes with Intel HD graphics which is sufficient for decent Games.



Don’t ever compromise this! Go for a laptop that has at least 500 GB storage.  As the storage increases the price also increases. Gamers should also check SSD as it ensures smooth gaming performance



Make sure the laptop has at least 2 USB Ports. Today’s laptop usually come with 3 USB ports. Two of them are USB 2.0 and third one is 3.0. USB 3.0 is faster than 2.0. Also USB 3.0 is bit costly. In case you have an external hard drive, you can increase the speed of data transfer by connecting it to USB 3.0. But there will be some budget laptop that have only 2 USB ports. If you want to use an external mouse then only 1 USB port will be available.



They come in different sizes and resolution. 11.6 inch is the smallest size available and it can go upto 15 inch. Do check the resolution. A 11.6 inch with HD screen is better than 15 inch. Other features to be noted:

  • Type (LCD,LED)
  • Anti reflective
  • Blue light protection



The most important category if you are planning to use the laptop during long trips. A battery is made by combination of two or more cells. Laptop batteries are available in 2-6 cell. Choose the one that has more cells and mAh.



Users who buy expensive laptop also complain about keyboards. If your hands are wide, look for a keyboard on which the keys are widely spaced. Check if basic keys are present. Some laptops have backlit keyboard which can’t be turned off, this will cause unnecessary wastage of battery. Keyboard experience varies from person to person.


Some Other Checklist, they are must

  • Touchpad
  • Microphone
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Good quality front camera (>1.3 MP)
  • Powerful Charging Adapter
  • Optical Drive,Ethernet and HDMI port, SD card reader
  • Sturdy build
  • Good grip at the bottom

These are the basic requirements that you must consider. Want to know more on types of screens? click here.

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