Have you ever come across terms like VGA,FVGA while buying mobile phones or TVs? A normal user may not go in detail, but these are display resolutions. They represent the number of Pixels. A HQVGA display has the least pixels and 4K display has 16 times more pixels than HQVGA. More the number of pixels the better is the viewing experience. We will list out all the major different types of display in ascending order.

  • HQVGA (240 pixels horizontally by 160 pixels vertically):

    This display was used in feature phones. Everyone will remember this. But it’s outdated now. However they are still used in digital watches.
  • QVGA(320 pixels horizontally by 240 pixels vertically):

    These are often used in budget smartphones and some hand-held devices. QVGA has quarter the resolution of VGA.

  • VGA (640 pixels horizontally by 480 pixels vertically):

Remember those CRT TV which was huge and bulky? It used to have VGA display. Also called has Standard Definition(SD),these are most used in TVs. Even today’s TV have VGA display mainly because they are affordable. It’s also used in smartphones and laptops.

  • FWVGA (854 pixels horizontally by 480 pixels vertically):

They are used by budget smartphone manufacturers that have screen size of >4 inch. Its better than VGA with more resolution.

  • HD(1,280 pixels horizontally by 720 pixels vertically):

A big screen is not all you need, you must also consider the resolution.  A 5 inch screen with QVGA display is unimaginable when compared to 5 inch HD display. HD display is the most popular  feature that people search while buying gadgets. In recent years there has been significant drop of price of displays with HD resolution.

  • Full HD (1,920 pixels horizontally by 1,080 pixels vertically):

Usually used in premium smartphones and T.Vs, a full HD screen can produce more crisp images than HD screens.

  • 2K (2,048 pixels horizontally by 1,080 pixels vertically):

It has twice the resolution of HD display and are mostly used in T.Vs. You can feel the true experience of 2K on T.V screens above 40 inches. Though they are costly but its worth buying

  • 4K (3,840 pixels horizontally by 2,160 pixels vertically):

There are different types of 4K display available in the market. But standard one is 3,840×2,160 pixels, also called as UHD. They are only used in T.Vs and laptops as of now and are really costly.

  • 8K (7,680 pixels horizontally by 4,320 pixels vertically):

High-resolution displays such as 8K allow the user to have each pixel be indistinguishable to the human eye from an acceptable distance to the screen. It has two times the resolution of 4K.

Some tips while buying T.Vs and Mobile Phone

  • Buy the phone/T.V with high-resolution display that fits in your budget
  • For a phone, do check the battery. A 2000 mAh battery that has FHD screen is senseless to purchase as it will need more power.
  • Also check ppi (Pixel Per Inch).

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