Today savvydroid decided to go out in the market and get hold onto some Chinese Gadgets. We managed to get hold of one Smartphone and JBL clone. This is our first ever market watch and in future we will have more. Lets begin!

1.CORN C25

We got into a store and asked them to show the best Chinese Smartphone within 5k bucks. Priced at Rs 3,000 we got CORN C25 smartphone. We didn’t have much expectation from its poor packaging. All the components like USB Cable,Charger, Earphones, a battery and even a flip cover was present. The phone is superlight to hold and weighs within 150g. We could feel the cheap plastic with red bezel. The finishing was also really pathetic with some ungrinded edges. The phone has speaker grill at the back but only one of them works and other grill is for symmetry.


Moving onto the display, it has 3.5 inch QVGA LCD display. Bending the phone by few degrees will completely wash out the screen. There’s only light and G sensor.

Coming to the camera, the phone seems to have 2 MP rear camera with LED flash and Fixed focus. The camera placement was shabby. The lens and the outer cover were not properly aligned. There’s no front camera.

We couldn’t find any information regarding the processor. It does have 512 MB RAM and the performance was quite good. Multitasking is possible but only few apps could be opened. It has 4 GB ROM and can be expanded upto 32 GB via MicroSD card. Connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth was available. The phone supports dual SIM, but sadly only 2G. We felt addition of 3G was necessary since 2G is extremely slow.

What impressed us is the battery. For such small screen we got 2,500mAh Li-On battery. Output was mentioned as 4.2V which brings us to the conclusion why will such small device need so much power. We couldn’t test the battery life in our short visit but we feel it can power the device for almost 2 days.

2.JBL clone earphones

We were like wow!! At just 250 Rs we got the JBL earphones. As we started clicking pics the owner of the store confined us. The earphone casing looked premium with JBL branding. We opened and were not disappointed because we didn’t have any expectations. It was a cheap chinese earphone with JBL branding. The earphone was in the ear type. The ear plugs caused so much irritation in the ears that we removed it immediately. The rubber can be torn apart without much effort. The wire length was about 1.5m and was neatly cased in nylon wrapping. A minor scratch can peel of the paint from the earphone heads easily. Moving to the audio, the quality was satisfactory. Playing EDMs will cause total distortion and blow your eardrums. Overall a decent clone, if the branding position was correct then it could have been difficult to identify the correct ones.

Thats all folks, hope you enjoyed this. What products should be there in our next market watch? Comment down below.


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