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Review any gadget in not less than 200 words and get paid.


  •          Content should be at least 200 words
  •          Post the review on our site
  •          You can include pictures (also pics which you clicked) as It will make the content more readable.
  •        Proper grammar and no spelling mistakes

Once approved, you will find your reviews under “review and earn” section of our website.
Check FAQ below for more details.

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1.       What product can I review?
Smartphones, TV, Refrigerator, washing machine, earphones, pendrives, hardisks or any electrical gadget. You can also tell us some incident that happened with your gadget.
2.      Why give your product reviews to Savvydroid?
To be frank we want our website to be a hub for various product reviews, so that people can make right choice from your valuable review. Secondly you can earn some income.
3.      When do you pay?
Payments are done usually during 1st week of every month. The amount you receive depends on the traffic generated on our website. The more traffic, the higher will be the pay out.
4.       How do I keep track of my review?
Once you post the content, our team will have a thorough look. After it gets approved, you will get a message in your account regarding it. You can keep a record of your post.
5.       What payment channels do you use for payments?
For now, we accept only Paytm wallet. Soon we will be starting with other channels.
Still have queries? Then ask us on [email protected]

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