Apple iPhones 2007-2017 all models

Happy 10th anniversary iPhone! It may be really hard to believe that iPhone has completed 10 years today. iPhone played a major role in revolutionising the way we use our mobile phones. How many of you know iPhone existed 10 years ago? Probably no one, we were either little kids or iPhone hadn’t expanded like today. Let’s see how iPhone has changed from the past 10 years.


The first iPhone model was iPhone 2G. As the name suggests it supported 2G only.It was a basic smartphone launched in January, 2007. There was no notification bar, micro USB port, screenshot feature, double tap home button and many more. It used to support Google maps as default navigation app something which we don’t see today. You could perform basic functions like calling, clicking photos, browsing, watching YouTube video etc. It was running iOS 1.0. Whats surprising is that it had Gorilla Glass protection. The phone was available only in silver variant. May be that’s why people love new iphones in that color.

Second was iPhone 3G.  All sensors like accelerometer, proximity sensor and light sensor were present. Again there was no Siri, 3D touch or retina display. Yes! it supported 3G.

Then came iPhone 3GS, it was similar to its sibling 3G. It was running on iOS that was upgradable iOS 4.2.1. Improved battery life and addition of compass were the key features of this model.

In the year 2010, Apple launched iPhone 4. This was probably the best iPhone because of black glass at the back. It had secondary camera, iOS 4 that was upgradable to iOS 7.1.2. Apple had their own processor A4 that was manufactured by Samsung apparently. The phone was using Li-Po battery for the first time. There was a significant improvement in the display from 320 x 480 pixels in iPhone 3G to 640 x 960 pixels. It also introduced front camera.

In 2011, an upgraded version of iPhone 4 was launched named iPhone 4s. It was running iOS 5 powered by Apple’s A5 chipset. This was the first iPhone that allowed 1080p recording. One thing to be noted, every iPhone that apple launches, we can notice an improvement in the camera.

Then came iPhone 5 in the year 2012. It was running iOS 6 powered by Apple’s A6 chipset. An upgraded RAM of 1 GB, 8 MP rear camera and 1.2 MP front camera that works great and even competes with today’s smartphones. Support for LTE and fingerprint was added.

iPhone has always ruled the premium segment of smartphone market. So iPhone decided to launch a budget iPhone (apparently not) named iPhone 5c. It was available in shades of blue,green,pink, yellow and white. The screen was increased to 4.0 inch. The sale records were extremely poor, the fact that it was launched along with iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s was launched in 2013. This was one of the most successful iPhone ever. Even today its being sold on some websites without any discounts. Better processor and iOS 7 were notable features. RAM was upgraded to DDR3 from DDR2.

Then came iPhone 6 and 6 plus. There was a massive increase in screen size. From 4 inch to a whopping 4.7 inch. Powered by Apple’s A8 processor and a brilliant front camera, a great iPhone was built by Apple. It was selling like hotcakes on Amazon and Flipkart.


Coming to iPhone 6s and 6s plus launched in 2015, it was using PowerVR GT7600 (six-core graphics) graphics with Dual Core CPU clocked at 1.84 Ghz on A9 chipset. RAM was upgraded to 2 GB DDR3. So the phone was even better and faster.

Last but not the least, iPhone 7 and 7s were launched. Apple had redefined the way we listen music by introducing air pods. This is something we never heard. As usual, brilliant piece of engineering. Well crafted body, great optics and performance.

There were many speculations that there would no iPhone 8. Instead Apple would launch iPhone 10 as part of its anniversary celebration. But this was just a rumor . There have been numerous leaks about iPhone 8. Definitely there will be something new like always. Apple tries to defy certain rules after every launch like the air pods and 3D touch.


Some throwback to first iPhone model in iOS 11

  • The calculator,weather app resembles to 2G model of iPhone
  • You can adjust the keyboard size to that of first iPhone
  • There’s no lag after unlocking the screen(iPhone users will know this very well)
Keyboard resemblance
Calculator buttons
Weather App

Some notable features of iOS 1.0

  • Some Apps open faster then iOS 11
  • While increasing volume the animation is transparent
  • Settings is clean
Screen gets covered in iOS 11
Screen remains transparent


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