Are you bored of regular WhatsApp? Those green and white screen that has no modifications at all. Do you want to hide last seen from a specific contact, increased video upload size, send 90 pics at once instead of 30?

Today we’ll be telling you some of the best Whatsapp mod available. As we know WhatsApp plus is a well known mod. It used to allow great modifications. But sometimes there used to be message delay, problem in creating backups and many other issues. But now even better Whatsapp mods are available that solves this issue.

Basically, Whatsapp mods works like normal WhatsApp while allowing you to modify almost anything. After going through tonnes of websites and personal opinions, GBWhatsApp is the best WhatsApp mod available. You can use GBWhatsApp alongside regular WhatsApp account


We were surprised to see end to end encryption in GBWhatsApp.  There was no problem in making backups. You can literally modify anything like notifications,chat bars,chat themes etc.

Here are the some list of the feature’s:

  • You can hide blue tick marks and last seen.
  • Increase the character length of group name.
  • Theming the header of the WhatsApp. And you can do some minor edits too.
  • Changing or coloring the WhatsApp icon
  • No problem occur on video calling
  • All official WhatsApp features are working
  • You can send images up to 90 at a time instead of 30 pictures.
  • Download the themes from the theme section.
  • Upload the theme which you have made
  • Save and share the GB WhatsApp settings.
  • Lock Chat (you can enable password on specific chat)
  • Hide chat ( you can hide the specific chat from the home page)
  • Security as like the original WhatsApp.
  • Heavy modifications

Download latest GBWhatsapp

Installation is simple like you install normal APKs.

If you want to use 3 WhatsApp accounts then you can try OGWhatsapp, all the features are same. People who have two SIMs and an official number can use this.

Stay tuned for more such tricks!



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