10 Cool strategies for writing an awesome review

  1. First jot down the main points about the product, then you can start fragmenting each point to further elaborate on it.
  2. Avoid combining two different dialects of English like UK and US. At time, it gets confusing.
  3. Divide your review into section. For ex. When you are reviewing a mobile, describe its looks and aesthetics under one section. Its performance, battery and other features in their respective sections. 
  4. Avoid using same words repeatedly, you can always use internet to find its synonyms.
  5. Make sure the review is original. You can refer other websites but don’t copy paste.
  6. Add pictures. You can also add unboxing pics, how it was delivered, from where you got it etc.
  7. Use different fonts for heading, subheading.
  8. Avoid grammatical mistakes.
  9. Do a proof reading.
  10. Use simple language so that the review is useful for everyone.
Hope this post will help you in writing some cool reviews. 

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