I had recently purchased Sansui Horizon 1 for my father and now I would like to share a short review with you. I got it from flipkart for just Rs 3499,otherwise its sold for Rs 3999.
The main reason why I bought is that it supports VOLTE for very low price. So I can insert Jio SIM which is my primary data option. I also use the phone as portable hotspot when my dad’s at home. Lets begin with a detailed review.

 Look and Feel

I was really disappointed with the phone in terms of design. It’s made up of really cheap plastic. You can literally see the paint that’s already chipping from the charging slot and earphone jack. A minor scratch will peel of the paint. But surprisingly Sansui has included a flip cover. It does help a lot. Also the quality is satisfactory.


Display is great when the screen is perpendicular to the eye. Changing the angle of phone by few degrees will significantly wash out the display. Also, colour reproduction suffers a lot. Don’t imagine of watching a pirated movie on this device. Auto brightness is not accurate. Sometimes in dark the screen is way too bright.


Considering the price, the phone has pretty decent camera. Rear camera is 5mp and has dual led flash. Pictures clicked were not overexposed to flash. Front camera also has a flash, but it’s not powerful enough to light up even a small room. Sansui could have replaced it with LED notification. But no complains, as we are paying only 3999 bucks.



Pretty good battery life even on 4G. It has 2000mah Li-ion battery that gives some seriously good backup as it has WVGA display. Charging time is about 2 hours.


The phone has 1.3Ghz Quad Core processor coupled with 1 GB RAM so don’t dream of running heavy application. Normal games work well. Multitasking works smoothly for 5-6 apps but after that it turns sluggish. Internet speed is also good.
Sometimes SIM cards don’t detect after inserting. Just reboot and the issue gets solved.


The charging port is a bit deeply located. Only stock charger connects properly. I could literally spot the difference in height of the charging cable. The phone supports dual SIM which is thankfully not hybrid. However, you can use 4G in only one slot at a time while the other SIM uses 2G.
The phone runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0. Software update app is present but no guarantee that Sansui will provide further updates for this phone
Proximity and G sensor works perfectly. I didn’t find any major issues with the phone.


You get loads of features for such less amount. This is a great phone especially for elders. So you can gift it to your mom or dad. Even first time users can buy this. It won’t disappoint you (except for the display).


Things included in the box

  • Phone
  • Earphone
  • Screenguard
  • Flip cover
  • Adapter
  • USB cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Guide

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