Hi everyone! Its been a week since my last post. Today we’ll be telling you about apps which reward you credits for completing certain tasks.

So you play Clash of clans and Clash Royale and you are in need of gems. You will google “How to get free gems in..” (Google will suggest you the rest). 

  • First thing which appears is gem generator. How many times have you tried it? At the end it will prompt you to complete certain herculean tasks like buy an Iphone 7s or Samsung S8. Viola!! You have been fooled.
  • Second things which we found was websites which say “ULTIMATE HACK OF CoC 2017! WORKING WITH PROOF”. Download it and you will get your account banned. And its always risky to use such mods. You may end up getting your account in wrong hands. Remember private servers should be avoided.
  • Now comes the most popular way by which people get fooled. You guessed it right! Download and get paid apps. There are tonnes of apps on play store which promise you to give google play/paytm cash after collecting certain coins/points. Most of them are fake. Here’s what exactly happens.

Youtubers promote such stuffs the  most. Once a youtuber gets popular he starts prompting users that he got free gems from so and so apps. But irony is that, the link in the desciption box is a referral link. You end up downloading from his link which garners him credits. So like that he gets free gems without any spending actual money. I’m not discouraging their other efforts.

Once you downloaded that app. It will ask you to complete tasks like download more apps, complete surveys, refer to your friends and get more credits. A common way by which users get frustrated with such apps is with points. Usually payout is done at 5$ and more. Consider 1000pts=1$.
And to collect 1k points you have to watch videos, install more stupid apps that asks to create accounts. This is total waste of time and resource. Collecting 5000 points takes nearly 2 months of active usage. Besides this, such apps keep on sending pesky notifications throughout the day.

So which apps are legit and which one to choose?
Currently cashforapps and freemyapps are the best apps to earn points faster compared to others. 

If you want direct cash instead of points then TaskBucks is the best app in the playstore. It doesn’t have the concept of credits. Whatever you get is pure cash. There’s no limit. Also you get upto Rs 60 per referral. They organize contests everyday. Winners get Rs 500 paytm cash(I won once).

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