Hello coolfans! Game Of ROMs has just got over and with so many ROMs being released it was really hard to select the best ROM. This is my personal best. Officialy the judges will decide.

Lets have close look on series of events that happened.

  • Many developers were demanding source code of our coolpad devices. God knows why it took so long for them to release. According to Googles policy, android based OS should be open source.
  • After a lot of struggle, filing petitions on change.org and with help of Dhruv Madan(Coolpad Forum admin) we got Kernel codes(though no source codes). Devs were happy with it.

  • After few days, Coolpad came up with the Game of ROMs. Rules were simple. Each developer could compile maximum two ROMs per device. Winners will get a coolpad device.
  • We saw a total of 20 ROMs from 7 developers for both devices(note 3 and lite).They are as follows:
  1. Lineage OS
  2. Hexagon OS
  3. Beanstalk ROM
  4. AICP
  6. CrDroid
  7. ViperOS
  8. AOSP Extended
  9. Resurrection Remix
  10. Firehound(by Sabyasachi Sarkar)
  11. Darkness Redefined
  12. Firehound(by PMS22)

Competition was tough, whole day they were busy working hard for the competition. Besides that torture from user asking for VOLTE.

I tried to flash some of the ROMs listed above like AICP,CrDroid,ViperOS,AOSP extended,Resurrection Remix and Firehound(By Sabyasachi Sarkar).

1) My personal best was CrDroid built by Sam Grande a.k.a reapergod. He made some serious efforts to provide us stable build. Initially v3.2 was released. But after that CrDroid launched v3.3 build. In no time he gave us the update for coolpad note 3lite. Google releases security patches for android every month. On June 4th as security patch got released he gave us the new build within a day.
Overall a great ROM.And yes I’m currently using it

2) Second best is AICP by Kuber Sharma a.k.a alphaGeek. Pretty smooth ROM. AICP extras was the best feature I liked. The ROM is unofficial as of now. He has promised to make it official soon.

3) My third favourite ROM was Firehound by Sabayasachi Sarkar. The ROM was simple,neat but also fast. It had minimal customisation, and sometimes minimal is beauty. His first build was a sort of disaster for me. Wifi mac address and red border issue. Second build everything was solved.

Except for AEX all the ROMs were based on lineage 14.1. 

P.S: Sam Grande launched OctOS. That was the best ROM I have ever used. Fortunately he didn’t submit that as an entry for GoR

A big thanks to all the devs, it doesn’t matter whether your work was a success or failure. We needed all the devs to come together, build something stable and use it as daily driver.Keep up the great work.

For reviews of the above ROM just go through the recent posts.

Also official result will be out by 16th. Keep an eye on coopad forums for more updates regarding GoR.

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