Hi everyone!! Hope you are enjoying plenty of nougat ROMs from GoR competition. We know that many nougat ROMs have low sound issue. If you love to hear music then this post is for you. Not only it will increase the volume, but will also improve the sound quality 100 times. Lets begin.

What you need:

  • Coolpad device with root access
  • Brain



  1. Open any root explorer
  2. Go to Systetm–>Vendor–>etc
  3. Rename audio_effects.conf to audio_conf.bak (If there are any other files just ignore it)
  4. Now go to recovery mode
  5. Flash the zip
  6. Reboot
  7. Now open Viper4Android app, it will prompt you to install the drivers.
  8. Grant root access
  9. It will begin installing. Be patient. If you get “not responding” message then just ignore it. Once you get successful installation message, reboot your device.
Viola!! Now have fun. 
Here are some profile which I made by myself.
Download the effects you want:
  • Go to file explorer
  • Create one folder in Viper4Android–>Profile–>(your folder name)
  • Place that effect file in that folder and enable it in the app as follows
  •  Select Load effect profile
  • I had named the folder as english

Sometime after reboot Viper4Android may not work because it gets disabled. Go to Viper4Android settings as follows and enable it. 

  •  Go to Settings
  • Select lock effect mode and change it to headset
  • Done!

Do you want me to make cool profile for this app? Just comment down the needs and I’ll try to make one for you


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