Hi everyone, as we know monsoon has already hit India, its time to search for umbrellas and raincoat to protect yourselves from rain. If you get wet, at most you will fall sick and recover in few days. But what if your phone gets in contact with rain? Will it survive if its not water resistant? What will you do to avoid water damage? I’ll tell you some cool tricks to prevent this in this short article.

Firstly, you should avoid getting your phone wet because chances of phone surviving water is quite narrow. Here are some methods

  • You can buy zip lock bags or water repellent covers.
  • If you don’t have such kind of covers, then you can use cling wraps. Just wrap it around your phone couple of times. Make sure you seal the charging port well.
  • If you have shawl or  good quality towel, you can wrap the phone with it. This method will still make your phone wet, but you can prevent some major damage since water doesn’t come directly in contact.
Will the phone survive if it gets wet?
It totally depends on how the phone has got showered. If water was directly falling on the phone, then definitely some major damage can occur. Remember the phone is an electronic gadget. Any liquid  coming in contact with the IC, port, speakers will cause an electrical short circuit and damage your components.
Okay,your phone has got wet and now you trying to figure out what to do? 
Your first priority is to drain as much water as possible. It make a day or two for your phone to get completely dry.
  1. Some people recommend to switch of your phone when it gets wet.People usually do a big mistake by checking the phone if it works. Don’t ever ever do this. This will cause short circuit of logic board. In fact avoid pressing any buttons. This will cause water to seep deeper into the phone.
  2. Using hair dryer: It will make the problem even worse, water will go deeper and cause damage
  3. Heating: It works only for minor damage. If you heat more then again there may be lethal.
  1. First, wipe your phone with a dry cloth.
  2. If your phone has a removable battery then pull the battery out.
  3. Remove everything whatever you can. Ex: SIM card,microSD card
  4. Use a cloth to wipe it thoroughly.
  5. Use vacuum cleaner to suck out remaining water.
  6. Now place the phone in a rice bag or grains container. They are excellent when it comes to absorbing moisture.
  7. Be patient, don’t attempt to switch on the phone. Let the phone dry for 3-4 days.
If your phone still doesn’t work, go to service center and get your phone repaired there.
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